Thank You For The Cross…[Day 13]

Great time of worship early this morning. Reminded about the power of the cross. There is no other religion that offers access to such a victory. The cross is the ultimate sign of Gods redemptive powers.

Victory over death.
Victory over sin.
Victory over sickness.

In all our doing of life we must not forget the benefits bought for us by the blood of Jesus. With this in mind I prayed for some people at Xcel Church, taking hold of the promises of God, taking hold of my mustard seed sized faith and exercising it, taking hold of the fact that Jesus said that we can ask the Father for things in His name and it will be done.

Thank you for the cross. Through the cross I have new life. Fresh beginnings. Access to God. It is the most precious thing…oh, how I take it forgranted sometimes. A gentle reminder is always useful.

What does the cross of Christ mean to you?