Leaders Own It

This is a leadership layer that cannot be overlooked. To have ownership means as leaders we own it ~ not rocket science that. When you own something you act in a different way towards it.

You take care of it.
You protect it.
You make sure it doesn’t break.
If it breaks you mend it or make arrangements to have it fixed.
Maybe if its become out of date, you replace it for a newer one.
You spend time, energy and money on it.

I have paid the price for not truly owning something. When I first started out in a leadership role I loved taking credit when things went well, otherwise it was the other persons fault. I was good finger pointer. Passing the buck, it’s not my fault, I don’t have the right resources, they were just some of my excuses. All just to save face.

To become a good leader means this layer of leadership has to be handled carefully. Who wants to follow a leader who doesn’t demonstrate a willingness to own what they lead?

Here’s a few things I have learned along the way…

Ownership is 24/7.
Ownership is action more than words.
Ownership is about adding value wherever you can.
Ownership is inconvenient. 
Ownership should produce a determination to get it right.
Ownership is for everyone.
Ownership isn’t easy.

Don’t step up if you are not willing to take full responsibility for what you are stepping up to take ownership of. If you don’t own it, you will not get given it. Or if you have it, get ready for it to be taken out of your hands.