Expectancy [Day 23]

As I was praying this morning I became expectant! Being on holiday last week and in someone else’s house certainly impacted the keeping of my disciplines, making them more difficult, so now the kids are back at school I’m rising early again and getting proper time with God.

I know what I am believing for.
I know what I am asking for.
I know that I need to stick in, that it’s not about how I think God should answer the prayers but allowing His will to be done.

I am encouraged that ‘the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.’ I know that God has great plans for my life and that I am walking in them, so why should I not be EXPECTANT?

Is it wrong to have a sense of expectancy?
Am I over confident?
Or do I just know that God is for me.

What do you think?
Are you expectant of God for something?

Help Keep the Momentum

As Pastor of Xcel Darlington last Sunday was a good Sunday. We saw 90 people in attendance. Not a huge amount of people, not even the most we have ever seen but I sensed a difference. Momentum.

If you are part of Xcel Darlington think about Sunday before Sunday and what you can do to help keep the momentum.

Here’s what I saw…
…expectancy. People getting to Church earlier, if only by a couple of minutes. It makes a difference in setting the tone of the meeting. Help keep the momentum by coming early, ready to worship and give God your best.

…people bringing people. You want to help keep momentum. Bring someone. Connect with people outside of a Sunday. Keep inviting, even when they say no. One day they might say yes. Xcel Darlington is a great example of what Church can be like and change a person’s perspective.

…the preaching series. Not to blow my own trumpet by I think this has helped to create momentum. People have plugged into the series and kept coming back for next instalment. Help keep the momentum by committing to be there for the next one and think about who it might help and bring them along.

…great teams. People loving people. Great people, serving, doing whatever it takes to make the Church experience the best it can be. Our worship team, our venue team – thank you for playing your part.

…you. Help keep the momentum by coming to Xcel Darlington as often as you can. I know from my own experiences that it’s not always easy but I believe God will honour you for it.

What will you do to help keep the momentum? Plus…don’t forget this Sunday is the last part of the ‘Destiny: Get Locked On’ series. 11am. Dolphin Centre, Darlington.