Are You Consistent?

It is easy to forget this but walking with God is not a choice for one day. It’s a choice to be developed and learned over a lifetime. We have to choose to walk with God and then keep walking with God.

Quick, quick, quick is often our way. Let’s be honest, we live in a fast-paced world and we can easily get caught in the hurry-up mentality that surrounds us. The challenge is that when it comes to God, it probably won’t work. It can be frustrating but I am learning that God is not normally into hurry.

God rewards those whose walk is consistent. Consistency is about a level of performance that does not vary in quality over time. We will have ups and downs in life but our walk with God remains the same, it does not waver, we don’t stop walking because something hasn’t gone the way we hoped it would.

To me consistency speaks of faithfulness and diligence. One step followed by another. Consistency in walking with God increases our credibility, shows off great qualities such as being reliable, dependable and therefore becoming a person deemed trustworthy. These qualities may be considered slightly boring, lacking in pizzazz but I think that to God they are like precious jewels.

Think about it…
When people are inconsistent how does that make us feel?
When people lack the quality of faithfulness how does that impact the relationship?
Who do people go to when they want to learn about the Christian walk? When they want some advice about how to keep trusting in God? 

As we learn to walk with God with consistency and faithfulness, those around us can learn from us and walk with God stronger too.

Abraham was such a man. As those closest to him observed the way he walked with his God, it rubbed off on them. His walk was consistent, faithful which made him someone you wanted to be around, learn from, discover what it was about this God he walked with that was so important to him. When his servant went to find Isaac a wife in Genesis 24, the words ringing in his ears were those of Abraham ’the Lord, before whom I walk, will send His angel with you and prosper your way…’ (v40). I kind of imagine the servant thinking to himself ‘I’ve seen Abraham trust in God and walk with God, so now I am putting my trust in You as he has done for many years.’ He was not disappointed.

Maybe our hearts cry is to see those close to us discover the joy of knowing God. Then this may possibly be a key: if you want to have a life-changing impact on their eternal destination and help them to meet Jesus, consistency and faithfulness in your walk with God will win every time.

Q: How does your walk with God look to others who maybe watching?
Q: Does it lack the consistency that would convince them that God is first in your life?