The Cross of Christ: Be Made Right

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new [2 Corinthians 5:17]

It’s not about what you can do. It doesn’t matter on our background, education, where we were born, where we live, nothing can make a difference to the fact that at the cross of Jesus, all were made right. All the work has been done by Jesus, we just need to accept it. 

Sins were paid for. The price paid for our sin was the broken body and the spilled blood of Jesus. Nothing we have done has not been covered. When we acknowledge by faith that Jesus is Saviour, God looks at us and doesn’t see our past or present mistakes, He only sees someone made right through the finished work of Jesus. 

Made right with God. The dissatisfaction that we can often feel is impossible to fill by chasing after a dream, the perfect job, the right relationship or through the purchase of certain stuff. Nothing on this planet can satisfy us completely. Only through the cross can that gap be filled. 

We need to admit we need to be made right. To acknowledge our sin and believe that what Jesus did was for us. Why not consider this for a moment and ask Jesus into your life. Find true rest and rightness with God through the cross of Jesus Christ. 

My Christmas Focus

Christmas can be a good reflective time. The end of one year and approaching a new one provides us with the opportunity to draw a line and start with a new sense of optimism and purpose.

As Christians, the need to be doing this is as great as it has ever been. It’s time to focus. To pay attention to what is going on ~ not just in our own world but also in the world of those we know and love, and around the world too. If we don’t then others will. In a world that many consider is getting darker, we have to be focused on being people of the light and bringers of that light every day.

Maybe we have become too flippant with our faith. Maybe we can take it or leave it far too easily. There will always be the challenges that life can bring but maybe this Christmas time we should be honest with ourselves and look at how we are treating our relationship with God.

  • Is it really the most important relationship in my life?
  • What have I allowed to become a distraction to that relationship?
  • Am I really giving it my best?

At Christmas let’s take time out to focus. Jesus came from heaven for us. He gave up all that glory and splendour to become a man, to live as a human, to give himself for us. His love for us, if we ponder on it, is totally overwhelming, difficult to comprehend, it is incredible.

He did this for what He saw in the future. For you and for me. His disciples. His followers. His church. His bride. And when I think about it like that, the way I approach my relationship with Jesus changes completely.

Perhaps it’s time to ask the question as to how the relationship we really want with Jesus should impact our lifestyle, our own relationships, our choices, our attitudes, and how we approach Church, His bride and all that he gave His life for.

Where are you this Christmas? How will you be making your relationship with Jesus the best in can be, in 2016?

3 Days to Change the World

For many this weekend will be just like any other. A long weekend, some time off work, a few too many beers, the disappointment of the lack of sun and no first BBQ of the year, maybe even a trip to the new Range store nearby, definitely some rest and a bit of family time.

Same old routine = same old results.

Maybe there is an opportunity for a change. 3 days changed the world. 3 days could change yours. But for change in life we often have to break those old routines and have a willingness to consider some new ones.

Jesus went to the cross for the world. Not to condemn it but to save it. Everyone included.

I wonder what it was like between the cross and the resurrection. Those 36 hours between being laid in the tomb in the evening and leaving an empty tomb by the Sunday morning. N.T. Wright writes in his book Christians at the Cross…With his shameful, chaotic, horrible death he has gone to the very bottom, to the darkest and deepest place of the ruin, and has planted there the sign that says “Rescued.” It is the sign of love, the love of the creator for his ruined creation, the love of the saviour for his ruined people.

He went there for me. For everyone. If you let it, such revelation could change your world forever. Jesus loves you enough to go to the cross for you and in so doing, he reconnects you with the one true God.

New results often need new routines, new ways of looking at things. Freedom from the past comes by accepting a new future. One with God at the centre.

The cross equals love. It is not a full stop but more of a comma as the sentence just has a pause. Jesus died on the cross, then he rose from the grave. It was all part of Gods redemptive plan, His way of reconciling the problem of sin, of setting things right at rescuing us all.

3 days to change the world. 3 days to change your world. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why not give Jesus a genuine opportunity to prove himself to you?

Influence 2015.3

Great session from Pastor Simon McIntyre of C3 Church in London..

We have no patent on the word new
We suffer from historical blindness ~ we don’t learn quickly enough from the past. 

Never disconnect your humanity from your faith. 

John 17:14-17

I want to be famous – one of the worst goals you can have for your life. Fame and fortune will always corrupt. 

Once Jesus drops out of the conversation they are away from God. It’s inconvenient to the culture. When you say Jesus you are saying Lord. 

If we become well known, all well and good. If we don’t become known, all well and good. 

Create a clear boundary line between being a disciple of Jesus and a follower. It needs to be in our behaviour not our belief. 

You don’t attend a body, you are joined to the body. Your once a month will become your child’s once a month will become your grandchildrens never. 

What do you make Lord? Your children’s progress or Jesus? Get to church. We need renewing in God’s presence. 

There is a moral laxity in our churches but we mustn’t drive people to the cross. Holiness needs to be beautiful. 

I Will…

I was reminded of something today. There is Gods perfect will, that none should perish and be saved. There is also Gods permissible will, in that He will not force His will on us, we have the free will to accept or reject Him.

This means that my will has a part to play. If I don’t will to follow God (not sure if that’s proper English) then God won’t make me. He will try and show me more of who He is so that I will follow Him because that’s His perfect will for me.

I have to choose to activate ‘my will’ so that I do the things that line up with His will…

I will worship Him.
I will choose to read the Word.
I will pray in faith.
I will sing praises.
I will stay away from sin.
I will keep my heart right.
I will resist the devil.
I will draw near to God.

Gods will is the best for me but I have to choose to align my will with His. He will not override my will otherwise it’s not free will.

It sounds more complicated than it is. Maybe it can all be wrapped in one simple phrase for me ‘I have decided to follow Jesus‘. The battle of wills has already been sorted for me.

How about you?

I Only Have Jesus

Peter and John went to pray [Acts 3].

As they went they passed a man by the gate who was asking for money. The reply that came was a simple one, ‘I only have Jesus’. That was enough.

Sometimes the simplest truths are the most powerful truths.

Sometimes the simplest truths are the most easily forgotten truths.

Whatever I am going through, whatever situation I am handling, whatever breakthrough I desire to see, I must remember to hold on to the truth that although other things can help, the one thing I need to know above all else is this

‘I have Jesus’. And that is MORE than enough. Don’t forget it.

Finished Reading Matthew

It’s been great to read the Gospel of Matthew – especially knowing that many others were reading the same scriptures, at the same time. Seemed to bring an extra dimension to the whole thing – great discussions along the way.

My final thoughts:
Matthew 26: Don’t follow Jesus at a distance.
That’s what Peter did. When you follow at a distance it makes it easier to deny.
Sticking closer to Jesus means there should be less danger of anything getting in between you & your Saviour.

Matthew 28: Go…
It’s a simple mandate really. 4 things that we can all be involved in – at any level…

what did you enjoy the most reading through Matthew?
what challenged you the most when reading Matthew?
have you changed anything as a result of reading Matthew?