Destiny: Get Locked On [2]

destiny006Continued this series yesterday.

When I first thought of doing a series on destiny I always wanted to come at the subject from a different perspective but I’m not sure if I have managed that. Staying away from a ‘7 Steps to Success’ idea was one of my ultimate aims.

Loved what my Senior Leader said the other day in our staff training. ‘Your destiny is more robust than you think’. When you look at the lives of Jacob, Joseph and others from the early part of the Bible then this certainly rings true.

Last week I challenged people to take responsibility for how they viewed life and themselves , with the purpose of getting locked on to their destiny. This week continued those thoughts by looking at Joseph.

Here are my points
1. Having a dream is okay…but so is not having one.
Just don’t live only for the dream and miss out on what the journey brings. Don’t hold unrealistic expectations of what God could do in your life or be intimidated by what God could do in your life. The dream is great…just don’t force it!
2. Hold on to your integrity
Easy to moan, complain, become bitter. Hold on to your integrity.
Easy to compromise or cheat. Hold on to your integrity.
Saying no. Do the right thing. Even if it means pain to yourself. Hold on to your integrity.
3. Always be in the zone
Be ready. You don’t know when the opportunity will come. If you only turn on the style when you are on show, then I think you miss the point. Joseph was in the zone, whenever, wherever, good times and bad.
4. What looks wrong may be right
Often we make a change because it looks wrong. This cannot be God’s best for us. Or maybe it is just part of the journey. God bringing you through something, shaping you, teaching you, changing you…learning to trust completely in him, becoming the person He needs you to be.

[What are your thoughts on this subject?]