Remember, God Knows You


You know me inside and out, you know every bone in my body; You know exactly how I was made, but by bit, how I was sculpted from nothing to something [Psalm 139:15 Message]

3 days in to 2017, no mishaps yet. But I’m sure there will be one or two at some stage.

At those moments I have to remind myself that I am not measured by my levels of perfection or the attainment of a certain performance.

At those moments I have to remind myself that my worth and value are measured differently, not by what I am but whose I am.

At those moments I have to remind myself that I am Gods, how He loves me, how He knows me and that He is the one who desired for me to exist.

When I know whose I am and where I have come from, I am better placed to journey through anything that may come my way.

God Loves Me (And You)

Just stop whatever you are doing at meditate on this. I mean it, just put everything down and pause for a few moments. Amidst the good and the bad of your life direct your thoughts towards this sentence and stay there for a while.

He (God) has dealt bountifully with me.

He (God) has dealt bountifully with you.

He has been liberal in bestowing me with gifts.
He has been liberal in His favour towards me.
He has been generous in all things for me.

He has been abundant in His dealings with me.

The challenge comes when I only look at things from my perspective and forget to look at things from Gods. It is at these times when I can get caught up in how I feel, by what I don’t have what I want, thinking nothing is changing, that  I need more of something, that God is just not paying attention to all that’s going on around me.

Instead I must lift my head upwards. I have to choose to look at all that God has done. For all His goodness that is demonstrated in so many small ways. To see how inspire of me, God loves me. That He HAS dealt bountifully with me.

That puts a smile on my face. How about you?

Moved By Grace

I am preaching at United Night tomorrow (Sunday) at Xcel Church. It’s been a while and I am really looking forward to it. This series on grace has been epic so far and the message I am going to share, is in my opinion one the simplest yet most powerful pictures of grace so far.

To be accepted for who are you, warts and all, that’s the grace that Jesus offers. When He entered the world the whole idea of grace changed. It became a person. A person who is on the lookout for people. On the lookout for you and me.

How unworthy do you feel?
How could God love me after everything I have done?
I am not good enough for Jesus?
Why would Jesus want me?

However unlikely a candidate for Jesus you consider yourself, grace does not walk past you and your life. Instead it finds you, stands in your way and offers itself to you.

When you don’t need more rules, to be told how wrong you have behaved, don’t need that finger pointed in your face telling you to sort yourself out and that when you have improved then you can come back, that’s when grace is at its very best.

Jesus is grace. He doesn’t come with a Holy tick-list to be completed. Instead He offers grace. He accepts you and has just one simple invitation. ‘Follow me’.

To be moved by a message is such an incredible thing. To be moved by a message while preparing it is something I’m not sure I have experienced for a while, maybe ever.

Grace changes everything. Grace changes me. I never had to earn it, never had to be good enough. It is a gift for me. I am accepted. Grace has saved me. Now grace empowers me to live.

Praying that the power of this series and the unpacking of the wonders of Gods grace will change at least one persons life forever.

God Is Walking With You

‘…the place where you stand is holy ground’ [Exodus 3:5]

From the outside looking in it can seem like you have everything in order. To the casual observer your world looks good. You are just getting on with your work and living life.

Yet you know different.

Things have happened, maybe of your own choosing, or that other stuff which was beyond your control. Yet here you are, a little lost in life. Perhaps you feel a bit like Moses, stuck in the backside of the desert, hidden in the wilderness, hoping no one really notices you.

Moses’ life had fallen apart. He had kicked out and things had not gone well. The consequence was that Moses was disconnected, hiding away from his people, just trying to get on with doing something. Maybe he considered his life was his to own, the God part was now over.

However, in the middle of the wilderness, lost in a meaningless task Moses was about to discover an incredible truth ~ God was there. 

It didn’t feel like He was.
It didn’t even look like He was.
It had felt like forever since God had even appeared close.

That place where you find yourself right now, that place where you have ended up through difficult circumstances, God is there. What an incredible truth to build your faith on, to hold on to. God is walking with you. He has chosen to walk with you, in fact, He is already in your future waiting for you. Stay strong

God Might Be Big But He Still Cares

I might get caught up in doing things, I might forget some things, I might miss the mark, I might not get all the detail, I might let some stuff slip through but God never does.

It is incredible, He is BIG, but He still cares.
The imagery of the how the Psalms read in the Message is amazing….

‘God’s love is meteoric, his loyalty astronomic, His purpose titanic, his verdicts oceanic. Yet in his largeness nothing gets lost; not a man, not a mouse, slips through the cracks’ [Psalm 36:5-6]

How glad I am that despite the hugeness of God, He is still interested in little old me (and you)
What do you think?