A Place to Run

I have never known a time of war.
I have never known what it is like to feel threatened. Really threatened.

I have never been pursued by another which has put my life in danger.

I have only ever known safety.
I have only ever known comfort.

I have only ever know security.

I am very thankful for that.

Yet I am aware that it may mean that when I look at the world in which I live it can be easy to become hardened to problems, maybe even dismissive of the struggles and pain that others are experiencing. Comfort can make me immune to the discomfort others are feeling living with right now.

Everything is going well.
I don’t need a refuge.
I don’t need a safe place.
I don’t need protection.

At least not in the way that many across the globe would desire them.

Psalm 7 tells me that the Lord is my refuge. He saves. He delivers me. He protects me from my enemies. I may not be under fire from weapons or war but I can be under fire from situations and circumstances. Under fire from those around me. Perhaps under fire from myself, my own thinking, my own lack of wisdom. In those times I have a God who is there to help me, to shield me, to judge me, to keep me upright in heart, to protect my integrity, to not allow me to fall.

Lord, I am thankful that You have done this many times without me even realising. You have been my place to run to. You have been my safe place. You are all that I need when I need it. Therefore, just like the Psalmist wrote, ‘I will sing praise to the name of the Lord, the Most High.

What’s Your Question?

So we are continuing the God is… series at Xcel Church and we need your help. 

We are spending a little time unpacking aspects of the character and nature of God – that He is good and great, that He is my Father, that He is love, that He is with me and that God is holy. 

Preaching a series like this can bring moments of revelation which can change our view of God forever. 

Preaching a series like this can answer some of those tricky questions but can also bring more to our mind. 

Well, as a team we want to do our best to help you so tell us your question and then as part of UNITED on 29th March the panel can discuss it. 

Don’t be shy ~ leave a question as a comment. 

Great Day

I am fan of local church. I agree with Pastor Bill Hybels when he says it’s the hope of the world. So I loved today, in my local church, worshipping God and being built up by the Word.

God is…good and God is great. He is BIG enough to handle our problems. All that we need Him to be, He is that. He is great and does wondrous acts. He is great and greatly to be praised. It’s about trusting His character above our experiences of Him.

God is…my Father. That’s a revelation that doesn’t come easily to everyone but one we need to get. We can be disappointed by our own Father but without realising it not notice that God has filled our lives with many Fathers. Thanks to Rachael for sharing her journey in this in such an honest way.

Plus the worship tonight was just incredible. There was a real sweet atmosphere and I believe that God was doing some work in peoples lives.

All I can do is encourage you Xcel to be in Church these next two Sundays as we continue to unpack the nature and character of God. God is…love, God is…with me, God is…holy.