Secure Leadership

It’s tough being a leader sometimes. You can be an easy target so it is important that you remain secure in who you are and what it is you are about. Dare I be so bold as to make some observations about different leaders…

Secure leaders keep doing the right things.
Insecure leaders keep changing stuff just for the sake of it.

You cannot build anything of lasting value if you are not willing to commit to some basic principles for the long haul. Don’t change stuff from one week to the next just because it didn’t work properly. Now I’m not against change but it has to be done right not ‘just because’.

Secure leaders are less about process and more about people.
Insecure leaders are all about themselves.

Image is nothing. Influence is everything.

The business of doing what you do – yes, you want it to be right but if that is at the expense of connecting with people and growing them – whether that is your team, the customer or even you, then I think ultimately you are missing the point. Find somewhere that is growing, popular and successful and you will probably find a place that invests in the people. If you are looked after, you are more likely to go back!

Secure leaders stay focused on the vision.
Insecure leaders compare.

Don’t make comparisons – it can have two alternative effects.
First: if you think you are not doing as well, then it will frustrate you and demotivate you.
Second: if you think you are more successful than the ‘competition’ then you might get distracted from the core vision and become over-confident in your own abilities.

Only compare when you are secure. Yes – learn from others but don’t think of yourself as failing just because you are not the same.

Secure leaders say thank you.
Insecure leaders want thanks.

Jim Collins in his book Good to Great says that Level 5 leaders always give praise to the team when things go well, but look to themselves when things go wrong. That is a secure leader. I know which I would rather be.