Are You Being Church or Just Doing Church?

Ouch! That’s a question.

It’s a challenge question. You don’t have to convince me of where you are…YOU KNOW!! How you respond to the fact you know is probably the most important aspect of a question like this. Is Church a ‘tick’ in a box, an event in your week every Sunday or are you living out the inward change in your day to day actions?

Too many Christians DO Church.
They attend.
They consume.
They arbitrarily decide whether Church is good enough by the songs that were sung, who preached or how loud the music was.
They leave because the Pastor didn’t pray for them.

[Is this too harsh?]

Church is about lifting up the name of Jesus. When we do that He will draw people to Himself.
Church is more than what we do on a Sunday. [Please let it be about more than a Sunday].
It’s about our interaction with OTHERS.
It’s about our influence with OTHERS.
It’s about our being the ‘real deal’ everyday with OTHERS.

What are you doing during the week to be Church?
Who are you reaching out to?
Whose life are you connected with?
What could you do to bring transformation to ANOTHER?
How have you displayed the love that you have for Jesus this week?

It’s a CHALLENGE for me. One I have to accept.
It’s everything we don’t like. Risky. Scary.
It takes everything we think we don’t have. Courage. Faith.
Are you up for it too?
What can you do between Sundays to impact someone’s world?

Take the Plunge – Rescue Someone

Been thinking on interesting topics over the last couple of weeks. The whole INTERFERENCE thought and reasons why people drift away from God is niggling away at me all the time.

Sunday was a good day at Xcel in lots of ways – worship, word, atmosphere, connecting.
Sunday was disappointing in other ways – no one gave their life to Jesus, in fact I’m not sure how many new faces there were across the venues.

Challenged the Xcel Darlington crew the other week to never assume. Just because people are not at church, don’t assume that everything is okay. Maybe they are not there because of some INTERFERENCE in their world. Not just holidays. Or work.

Bring someone back to Church! There’s a challenge. But then again is it really? With the whole online social networking, emailing and texting – communicating with people in a very convenient, non-pressure way has never been easier. I’ve been messaging like crazy and it’s been great to open up some dialogue and discover what’s going on in people’s worlds. even better to see some of those people back in Church on Sunday!!

People who are drowning don’t need pleasant words from the person on dry land. They don’t need to be told how they should have read the signs, not gone in the deep water…what they want is to be rescued. Some people in our worlds are just the same and the problem with many Christians is that they are full of well-meaning words, good at the opinions but not so willing to jump in and rescue the person.

God is definitely nudging me to take the plunge and get rescuing. It might be messy but I know God will help.

Who is not in Church who used to be in Church?
Why not make contact and find out how they are and if there is anything you could do for them?

Final Thoughts, Ideas & Challenges

Final few things that anyone can do. Things that can help grow the Church. I realise Jesus said ‘I will build my Church’ but we do have the privilege of being involved. One thing I know…I can’t sit about doing nothing just because of what Jesus said.

Challenges #1, #2, #3, #4

Anyway with all that said..why not get involved in some of these…

Final Challenges
#5 Serve. Sundays. PY Fridays at Darlo. Wherever you can.
#6 Bring Someone. Chris Denham is coming on Sunday 7th June – what an opportunity. Or the next series ‘BATTLE OF THE SEXES’ – should be fun (if that’s the right word)
#7 Connect Think about what you enjoy, arrange to do it, get someone else involved – and not just everyone from Church either. My event – squash. Looking for some like-minded people to start a mini-league to run through the summer…email me if you want to join in!
#8 Climb Helvellyn for Cloud Nine. Great sponsored event, raising money to help people. get your work colleagues involved too!
#9 Attend Church on a Sunday. SGs on a Tuesday. Prayer meetings. BIG SOCIAL!!

You know what…I’m not bothered what you do as long as you all do something. You can add to this list too!

More Thoughts, Ideas & Challenges

Continuing to lay out some ideas for you to get involved in….check out Challenges #1 & #2

Challenge #3
Fast. Join me in fasting at least ONE day each week during June (that’s 4 times). Fasting will not kill you. It might be hard the first time but the spiritual aspects of this cannot be underestimated. Somethings only change with prayer & fasting.

Challenge #4
Get involved in your community. I am excited about the opportunity of partnering with Brian McAnaney and his team that go out feeding the homeless each week. From Wednesday 3rd June he will be in Darlington. What a great opportunity to connect with people and share your story with another. I am committed to be there in June…WILL YOU?

Don’t forget to let u sknow what YOU will be doing…