Is Jesus Still Enough?

Still reflecting on yesterday in church and the start of our new series – The Jesus Lifestyle and the question of how to be happy. Truly happy.

Now this might be overly simplistic but as we pursue happiness in lots of different places how about we just take a moment and ask ourselves an important question – is Jesus enough? Yes He is, I hear you cry. Yet something niggles me. I know we sing about Jesus, maybe we even Facebook about Jesus, but in all honesty, do we really mean it when we say Jesus is enough.

The Jesus Lifestyle is impossible without Jesus and without the Holy Spirit to help us, so I don’t think it’s a daft question, we drift very easily from what we say is the most important person in our lives. Actions and choices speak louder than anything else.

If you didn’t have what you have would Jesus still be enough?

If you never have anymore than you have right now would Jesus still be enough?

If you were nudged by God to give away some or all that you have would Jesus still be enough?

Let’s be honest. This is such a fundamental question to chew over. Make time to reflect and be willing to make any changes that need to be made. When we determine that Jesus is enough then we are building the foundation for our lives. saying yes and no to other stuff becomes much easier. We have created some boundaries for all aspects of our lives. I don’t think it can any better than that.

What do you think?


What satisfies my soul will make me truly happy?

External stuff is good for a time but doesn’t last. A good shopping trip, a nice bottle of wine, a promotion at work or whatever it is for us, can make us feel happy but probably only until next time. I might feel happy and feel satisfied especially if I don’t realise that there is an alternative.

But there is.

True happiness, a satisfied soul, is about more than what stuff I have or don’t have. Maybe it’s more about how I position my internal riches, how I see myself in relation to God. That I choose to hunger and thirst for right standing with God rather than the latest gadget or financial gain. Which begs the question – why do I sometimes still try and satisfy my soul with external stuff, continue to make do with ‘things’ that will only fall short?

My answer is that I don’t know why. However, I do know that God wants me to be truly happy and blessed. To be filled with the fullness of God, to receive the blessings that come from being ‘spiritually desperate’, from having an eye for Jesus, being repentant, from living a life of meekness, and always maintaining a hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Perhaps this is just me but this is the Jesus lifestyle I am called to live. I know it’s not easy but it’s definitely worth it.

What Makes You Happy?

The other day I was walking back from the shop with one of my daughters and we talked about what makes us happy. Answer from a 9yr old: people being kind, having fun. Happiness. Some might say its over-rated. We live in a relatively negative culture in the UK. We can always miss the silver lining. The glass is often half empty.

So, as you pass by and read today, how about you leave a comment listing 2 or 3 things that make you feel happy. Lets celebrate the things which bring happiness and take time to reflect on the difference having a more positive outlook on life can make.

Thanks for your thoughts [He writes expectantly]