Matthew 23: Stay Humble

Jesus was not one for wasteful words.

If Jesus spoke – you better be listening. Maybe people don’t read the Bible because they consider ignorance as a reasonable excuse. It’s not.

‘For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted’

Easy to ‘big up’ yourself.
Staying humble is a discipline.
It brings rewards of its own kind.

If Jesus said it, then it must be right. All we have to do is live it – easy, right?

Humble is…

Continuing on these thoughts about praying for breakthrough, in my life, in my family, in Xcel Darlington, in other peoples circumstances…how do I humble myself?

Humble is…one of those words we use but do we really understand.

According to the dictionary humble is to not be proud or arrogant, to be modest; to have a feeling of insignificance or inferiority; to be low in rank, importance or status; to be courteously respectful; to make meek – to humble ones heart.

Matthew 6:33 instructs me to ‘seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness’ then all the ‘things’ will be added. For me, keeping humble is remembering my place, that God is God and I am not. Keeping right with Him, knowing my place and being comfortable & confident in that place.

Being humble is not a weakness. It is a place of strength and assurance. Hopefully, it allows God to have His way. So, share your thoughts…what is humble for you?