It is Finished

Final night of Influence 2016 and what a night. Thank you to Vicki Simpson for her ministry, her obedience to God and listening to His voice.


Vicki spoke a great little message about Jesus on the cross crying out ‘It is finished’. Here are my notes…

John 19:28-30

It is finished = completed, accomplished, a successful end to a season

What had actually finished?
He was declaring something as done which wasn’t done yet. He said it then breathed his last. He called it just before it was finished. 

What do we need to declare as finished?

  • Lack
  • Sickness
  • Reconciliation
  • Strife
  • Confusion
  • Fear
  • Unforgiveness
  • Spiritually stuck 
  • Living without God
  • Lukewarm Christianity

It takes faith to start something
It takes faith to declare a thing finished

To move on, you need to call it finished, over. 
And that’s what we did. We shouted at that ‘thing’ and called it finished. Now we wait in faith for the evidence of that. 

Then we enjoyed a special closer and gave into the future of Xcel Church in Bangalore.  

What has been your highlight of Influence 2016?

Being a Pioneer

Fantastic time at Influence 2016. So much to think about and digest. Definitely had a spiritual deposit from being in Gods house all day.

Tonight Mal spoke about being a pioneer. Here are my notes. So much said, I did my best…

Romans 15:20-21

  • Every great venture has begun with a pioneer. 
  • God is raising up a new pioneer generation – people who will create a path for them and for others to follow

1. Godly pioneers are divergent thinkers 

  • people tend to be satisfied by the easiest answer they can obtain – convenience
  • divergent thinking – are there opportunities that have never been done, things never explode before
  • they have a broad adjacent possible – take what’s around you to form new ideas
  • Learn by education
  • Learn through revelation
  • We need both
  • divergent thinking is important across all avenues of life 

2. Pioneers are big hearted people
Luke 7:19 – Great pioneers are not offended by who God uses next

3. Great Pioneers travel light
If you want the messages they will become available via our website very soon

What has been your highlight of the day?

Embrace the Future

Love hearing from my very own Lead Pastor John Greenow. Here are the key thoughts from his message about embracing the future

  • The future is always being talked about
  • As believers we need to redeem the future
  • Isaiah 43:11-13 ‘I have declared the future’
  • Declare = to bring forward
  • We need to align ourselves with what God is thinking/saying
  • faith & future are connected
  • We can reach in to the future and influence the future by the words that we speak
  • Hebrews 11: Jacob blessed Joseph’s sons with Gods blessing, not his own. He spoke over them
  • Worship, blessing, declaration, it’s a choice to bless God and others. By these things we reach into the future.
  • Sometimes we want a way out while God wants to make a way through it. God is constructing and building a way for us while we sit.
  • Claim our inheritance from the previous generation
  • Psalm 16:5-6 – heritage/inheritance, he passing down of something from a previous generation. We all have a spiritual heritage
  • The boundaries for me have fallen in pleasant places. Key to connected with the future v7 bless the Lord/kneel before Him/worship Him
  • Colossians 1:5 – The lines of purpose never grow slack – kept tied & tight to your future by hope