Influence 2017: Session 2

Here are the notes from this session with Dr Robi:

God loves it when we push the envelope and make things happen. 

So what do you believe is possible? What does God believe is possible?

God wants us to take off in flight. We try and try again and that’s exhausting. 

3 things which stop us from taking off:

FEAR – of actually flying

FORGIVENESS – you can’t take off until you have dealt with your baggage

FAITH – all things are possible but first we must believe in God

Our ‘flight control’ is working at keeping us all safe. There is dialogue between captain and air traffic controller for airway clearance in preparation for flight. 

God wants us to fly. And we are free to fly. 


Challenged to take off now. 

Influence 2017: Session 1

So the first session last night was just a phenomenal start to Conference. 
An incredible opener declaring God as Sovereign, which led to a beautiful time of worship and the Dr Robi speaking. And what a message. 

From Tragedy to Triumph, helping people truly come out the other side of trauma stronger. 

Hope. In something with substance. 

Faith. That substance is having a faith in God who actually cares. 

Thankfulness. Look for 5 things every day to say thank you for. 

Kindness. Doing good things for people consistently. 

Courage. To do whatever you know needs to be done. 

And above all – why not give God a try.