Influence 2015.4

Loving Conference and the privilege of listening to our very own Lead Pastor John Greenow. Talking about the first 20 minutes…

The first 20 minutes of exercise have the most benefits within them

How many benefits are waiting for us in the first 20 minutes of our lives? There is always extra energy needed to get us from the inertia to movement. 

You will face challenges when you start something new. 

Mark 6:1-6
This was their greatest opportunity to receive the benefits of Jesus. Instead they went from wonder to being offended, missing out. 

Where are some of our 20 minutes?
In our praise & worship every Sunday – do we see the benefits of the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

It’s not just the praise & worship. It’s part of the struggle to get to the benefits. 

Same with giving. Same with praying. 

God is helping you in this season to finish off what you have already started. 

Jesus is the breaker that goes before us (Micah 2:13). You may feel a failure but the breaker has gone before you. Remember the One who goes with you & ahead of you. 

The key is to keep moving. The breaker creates a heavenly slip stream for us to follow Him through