What is Life Without God in it?

Made a comment yesterday that as Christians, when it comes to loving life, we have to remember where most people are coming from. I suggested that maybe we have forgotten what it’s like to live life without God in it. Now, that’s not a bad thing…I mean we were created to have God in our lives and be connected to Him.


You don’t need to be a Christian to love life. Actually, is saying that not slightly ignorant and offensive to those we want to reach out to. Oh, but you can’t really love life without God in it, I hear you cry. Well, we know that – we recognise the difference that Jesus has made in our lives but until the light of the Gospel is shone over someone’s life, they don’t think like that.

People don’t consider themselves lost.
People may not love every aspect of their life but they get on with it.
People have bills, a home to run, work to do, things to deal with…much like me. For most though they do that without understanding or even being aware of the bigger purpose they were born for.

Think John 10:10. We all want an abundant life but if you asked your colleagues at work if they felt life was being stolen, killed or destroyed, they would wonder what you are on about. We know the truth of this verse and must demonstrate that love for life by not allowing stuff to kill us off or destroy our sense of purpose. Hope you get what I mean?