How is your Influence?

When was the last time you reflected on your influence?

Who influences you?
Who do you influence?

John Maxwell says that leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less. Without it you are not a leader. The disappointing factor is that many would-be leaders forget this.

You will be influencing.
Whether it is the right kind of influence is what you need to assess. Influence MUST be intentional. Ask yourself…who can you influence today? In what way will you influence someone to make it worthwhile?

Your ability to influence is essential to your success.

1. Think about who your are influencing
2. Look around at those who are in your crowd
3. Decide who you could invest in & be intentional about how you will influence them
4. Go for it

Winning With People

Everyday we interact with others.
Everyday how we deal with these interactions can help us win friends and influence people. Or maybe not.

Some people seem to be naturally gifted in building relationships, handling confrontation, harnessing the opportunities that new encounters can bring. Some of us aren’t.

Naturally I am not a ‘people person’. I have had to work on this discipline. If I’m honest I’ve probably got it wrong more times than I’ve got it right – but I’m always willing to learn. 2 books really helped me in this – Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’ and John Maxwell’s ‘Winning with People.’

I am true believer that even the non-gifted in areas like this can develop the their people skills and improve opportunities for success in handling all types of relationship. Wise people gain more wisdom at every opportunity – especially when its FREE. Make the investment. You may pick up a nugget or two that could change your life forever (if that’s not too dramatic).

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XTR: Leadership Lessons

Everything rises and falls on leadership.
Everyone is a leader – if only it’s yourself that you lead.

For over 12 years I have been involved in some form of leadership training, development & coaching. I do just love it. I’m not declaring myself an expert but I do probably have something to say on the subject!

…let’s learn together
…let’s discover some leadership truths that can help us become better leaders
…let’s take the wisdom of John Maxwell and unpack some of the 21 Laws of Leadership

It will involve some challenge.
It will involve some honest reflection.
It will involve some change.
It will however, be fun, and extremely worthwhile!!

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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life…[Day 59]

I always talk about this idea in the context of leadership. It’s not a new thought.

John Maxwell talks about how changing your beliefs change your behaviour which in turn can change your life. I knew this to be true but after 2 months of getting up earlier to pray and read the word I see it more clearly than ever. New disciplines create new horizons, a different way of seeing things and spending time with God can only be a good thing, right?

I reckon everyone is searching for some kind of breakthrough. Here’s what I’m learning…don’t just expect God to ‘do it’ for you. Sometimes change only comes through prayer and fasting. Sacrifice isn’t everything but ‘laying down your life’ for a moment and getting with God can often be the difference maker. Don’t squeeze Him in somewhere, rather set aside time, quality time for God. I think I’m of the opinion that if it was necessary for Jesus, then how much more is it necessary for me.

The Psalmist had it right, speaking often of ‘seeking God’, ‘staying blameless’, trusting in His ways’, rather than being too carefree. To seek, to stay blameless, to trust…this are active, we have to be determined at times to keep them.

Proverbs 21:21 ‘He who pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honour’

Keep your standing with God right! Don’t let the ‘stuff’ of life distract you too much from God. It’s easier to drift through each day and then wonder where they have gone, than live life with purpose and keep God at the centre of all you do. The default setting for humans never looks great – it usually involves laziness, being casual about stuff and reasonably selfish.

Maybe the time for change has arrived.
Maybe this time the change should be in spiritual things to bring about the change you want in other areas.

So…what changes are you making that demonstrates to God that you put Him first?
What breakthrough are you believing for? What victories have you seen so far?