5 Benefits for Knowing ‘Why’ We Are Doing This

Simon Sinek in his book ‘Start with Why’ says that ‘people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it’. WHAT can change but WHY is simple. It’s the discipline to never veer from the cause.

It captures the heart. The vision, the cause, is the why. It can grab someone’s imagination as they begin to see what could be possible.

It’s bigger than what we do. Why isn’t what. What we do can almost be irrelevant when we understand why we are doing it. That kind of belief can help build great success.

It keeps us going when it gets tough. What we do can get boring, inconvenient or tiresome. On those cold, rainy days we can opt out of ‘what’. The why reminds about the difference we are making or the reason for what we are doing.

It encourages people to be creative. If the why is clear then people have a freedom to be creative with the what. Leaders shouldn’t have to come up with all the best ideas, instead, the ‘why’ creates that environment where great ideas can sprout from anywhere.

It brings what you do to life. When those within get the why, then people will see what you believe through what you are doing.

I have not always been great at explaining the why. I know that I still get it wrong.  I can argue it’s not my role as I’m not the lead man, but that’s a cop out. If I lead people then I have to be concerned about the why. If I am part of the organisation then understanding the why is my responsibility. If it’s not clear, I should ask.

Telling people what to do isn’t difficult. To articulate the why though, requires time, thought and care. That a whole lot of effort. It doesn’t always come easy. I have to give more than a ‘just because’, or point to my position.

It has to be important to me because the why is inspiring, it stirs up passion and people are more willing to give their time, talent and treasure to a really good, strong, clear why.

Are you somewhere that has a strong why? As leaders, are we doing all we can to help others grab a hold of that why?

Big Conversations

Leadership involves BIG conversations. Not always easy or comfortable but absolutely necessary.

BIG courage.
BIG vision.
BIG hearts.
BIG minds.

Big courage to hear what may be difficult to hear.

Big vision to see the future even though the view maybe different to yours.

Big hearts so that you don’t fall out with people who are on your team.

Big minds to be open to new ideas.

I love that the team I work with can be honest, open and forthright at times. We can disagree. We can challenge ideas. We can say no. All done not just to be awkward but with the purpose of discovering the best way forward. That’s the quality of a great team.

BIG conversations lead to BIG visions being accomplished.

I would rather be on a team like that than one geared more towards SMALL conversations because the vision doesn’t challenge things enough, doesn’t stretch the imagination or need any difficult decisions to be made.

Always go BIG.

Leading a Team [2]

Continuing our discussion on leading teams, here some more observations…

Don’t let your feelings effect the team members feelings
It might be tough, things might not be as they should be, stuff might be going wrong – but as team leader here is a great lesson to learn – the rest of the team should not be affected by your annoyance of stuff going wrong or that you are just having ‘one of those days’.

Remember – you will get you chance to air your thoughts to those who lead you. One thing I learnt right at the beginning of all my leadership was this ‘Who needs to know?’ I reckon the person doesn’t need to know as often as they think they do.

The team leader is there to motivate not moan.

Keep your head while all around are losing theirs.
I know – it’s a very similar but I just like it as a thought. Your influence cannot be underestimated – if you remain calm amidst the chaos it will have an incredible effect. Make it a rule in your teams – no flapping allowed. Keep it light, keep it fun!

Team leaders set the tone – if you moan, the team moans. If you flap, the team will flap. If you are up for any challenge, the team will be up for it too. If you stay focused so will the rest of your team.

Any thoughts or experiences – I would love to hear about them