What a Beautiful Young Man

Today we gathered and celebrated the life of Ainsley Adams. Such a beautiful young man who suddenly passed away recently. But what a person. What an impact he made on so many people. An outpouring of sadness of course, but even moreso, an outpouring of love and appreciation.

4 things were clear today about this incredible young man as people gave tribute and shared their memories…

He lived life in the moment. Wherever he was, that was where he wanted to be.

He loved people. He was genuinely interested in people, always asking if you were alright.

He has left a legacy. That smile. His enthusiasm. His happiness for life. We will miss him.

He loved Jesus and his church. His faith for God was real and clearly evident. We take comfort in the hope of Jesus and that now he has received the ultimate reward of meeting his personal Saviour face to face.

My last time of seeing Ainsley was a Sunday night, in Church, hands raised in the worship and then heading to be prayed for, or asking for his family to be prayed for.

During the service today we asked how should we respond? How should we live in response to how Ainsley lived? Maybe it’s to learn to live our own life with that same sense of contentment, to be happy in the moment and to live life simply with a genuine faith in God.

What is your response?

Beyond Me

The art of making a difference is living with an attitude that goes beyond me, beyond myself. 

Self-centred thinking will normally cause me to gravitate towards the line of least resistance. What’s easiest for me? What requires the least effort from me?

That’s ‘beyond me’ comes the answer to the desire to be that person who makes a difference, who creates something of eternal value. 

Difference makers inspire me with an alternative approach that can often feel a little beyond me at times…

Beyond me is utilising my ‘me’ time for greater purpose. 

Beyond me is living in the arena of risk and having a go. 

Beyond me is overcoming the lazy, I’m entitled to, tomorrow I will, type mentality and doing what I can today. 

Beyond me takes effort and I guess that what’s sets the difference makers apart from those who are not. 

Beyond me is where I want to live. How about you?