I Can Make a Difference

Following yesterday’s post I’ve been reflecting on my own ability to make a difference. Can I really make a difference in other people’s lives?

The answer of course is yes. The question I then ask myself is ‘why do I want to?’ The selfish answer is because I want people to think well of me. The better answer is because my heart for God compels me too and I should live life like that.

I need to be a better encourager. To be someone who looks for the best in people.

To always be about serving others. Seeing the opportunities to help those around me without any motive other than I can.

Be someone who genuinely cares for people. The adage ‘people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’ is true. You can’t fake genuine care. As a Pastor and leader I can’t just be ‘do as I say’, I have to love the people God has placed in our care.

Stop avoiding ‘some’ people or ‘those’ people. Everyone belongs to God, whether they know that yet or not, so I have grace that extends towards everyone.

Open up my life and go with it. Not the best at this. After a long day it’s easier to just pull up the drawbridge and close myself off. That won’t help my desire to help others.

Just embrace the inconvenience of it all. Great difference makers get on the journey and just enjoy the adventure of it all. If I can’t be inconvenienced then I’m not really going to make much of a difference.

Stop waiting for that ‘God said’ moment. I’m going to say it but the God card gets waved about far too easily as a reason for doing something and as a reason against doing something. God has already spoken, maybe I should concentrate my efforts on those words instead of needing some kind of dream, revelation or angelic visitation.

Hope that’s not too honest. I wonder what gets in the way of you making a difference? As for me, I’m not there yet. My difference making ability is always in need of improvement and thankfully, with the Holy Spirit and a willingness to be transformed, I can. So, here’s to making a difference and leaving the right kind of legacy.

One Life Can Make a Difference

A person like Pamela Greenow, who went to be with the Lord this week, is an inspiration. Such individuals don’t come along often enough. When you read the tributes across social media you get an overwhelming sense of love and appreciation for someone whose greatest desire was to help people meet Jesus and live out their lives with Him at the centre.

Her love for God, her encouragement towards everyone, her prayers, her awareness of what God was saying, her ability to correct, her generosity, her compassion and care for people are just some of the things mentioned by others. 

Most of all we remember her faith. At all times her faith mattered most. Knowing Jesus was her life. Knowing Jesus very much came across as the most important thing to her. 

One life can make a difference. The legacy of living life in this manner can be seen across the world today in the lives of countless individuals who were touched by hers. People living for God, helping lead churches, reaching beyond themselves and making a difference in other people’s lives. 

The legacy of empowering the next generation, of creating opportunity for us to have a go and just seeing what might happen, has begun something that is now impacting so many more. 

One persons life can make a difference and we are thankful for it. I am in no doubt that Pamela will have heard the words ‘Well done good and faithful servant’ upon her arrival into heaven. Pamela was a disciple of Jesus living out the command to be a maker of disciples, who now themselves are making disciples. That’s the best legacy of all. 

Thank you for being the best you, a God-given gift to all those who happened across your path, whether just for a moment or for longer. We count it a privilege to have known you, we shall miss you but look forward to seeing you again when we too head for glory and eternity with our Saviour. 

God Walks With Every Generation

I am so thankful that God allows me to walk with Him. He actually went to great lengths to enable me to walk with Him. He is MY God. Just as He is the God of millions of others too.

He is the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.
He is the same yesterday, today & forever.
He is the God who does not change.

I’ve worked out what that means. He wants to walk with me, all of my family and my future family too. That excites me. But I think it also means I have to take some responsibility in this relationship. I know God can choose to reveal Himself at any moment to anyone but most of the time He seems to use people to reach people.

I like to imagine Abraham sat with Isaac talking about the promises God spoke over his life, the covenant made between them. Maybe they chatted over the time they went off together & dad had to trust God to provide a sacrifice. I’m guessing that raised some emotion, it’s difficult to forget an event like that.

I like to imagine Isaac doing the same with his sons, talking about faith, how God found him the right wife and all because his dad had decided to walk with God, to be blameless before Him and hold on to his word. It worked for my dad, it’s working for me and it will work for you too, if you do it right.

Everyone needs their own revelation of who God is.
Everyone needs to experience that saving grace for themselves.
We all need to admit that we weren’t created to walk through life alone.
My walk with God is ultimately my personal responsibility.

God is into legacy building. Which means that I should be too.

How I walk with God influences those closest to me. I know some may argue that’s the only reason my girls want to believe in God, they are just following in their dad’s footsteps. My answer is ’so what’. I am happy with that. Walking with God is working for me and I am trusting that walking with God will work for them too, if they live for God the way He desires us too.

I love sitting as a family, usually over a meal and talking about how God is answering our prayers, sharing stories about miracles and blessings, and standing in faith together for our futures. I am acutely aware that if I am angry with God my kids may well get angry with God. If I am dismissive of Church then maybe my girls will feel that way too.

I want them to see that walking with God is the best thing they could do. More than that, as much as I want them to walk with God, I want them to discover for themselves that God is all about wanting to have a walk with them too. Their own personal walk of discovery, of recognising the goodness of God and the blessings that come from staying close to Him.

They are now of an age to make that decision for themselves and they have said ‘yes’. Every day I am thankful for that and I am excited about the future God has for them and their families too. After all, He wants to walk with every generation.