Time to Get Planning

We have had a busy 3 days so far traveling from one side of the city to the other meeting people, looking for furniture and getting a feel for where Xcel Bangalore can be most effective. We’ve tried plenty of the local foods too and not just curry.

One of the key reasons for coming was to help Immy set his plans for the future in line with the vision of Xcel.  

Planning is important for a few reasons…

1. It shows people that want to be a part of Xcel in Bangalore that we know what we are doing. 

2. It creates a simple track for Immy to travel along which in turn keeps him focused and making the right kind of progress. 

3. It provides accountability, alignment and an action plan for Immy and the team he will grow. 

Check out this quick video from Immy which gives you a little more insight into the city…