Family & Friends

This is the beauty of church. It becomes your family and your friends.

I listened to a story yesterday from someone that was basically an advert for the benefits of being part of Gods family and His church. When life brings it’s twists and turns and you end up in a place thinking how did I get here, that’s when the incredible mix of your church friends and family really play their part.








Don’t hear what I’m not saying –  I love my natural family but they don’t live close by. So when trouble comes or situations need to be navigated then obviously I let them know what’s happening, yet it’s often my church family that can actually come alongside me. I hope you get what I mean. I pray that you have that for yourself and I thank God for my incredible extended friends and family from Xcel Church. Thank you for being there for me.

Time to Get Excited

In the midst of a Saturday full of getting some stuff done around the house and hanging out as family, I still sneak some moments with God in expectation of Sunday. I am a big fan of local church. Christians who think they can survive without it are a wonder to me because I know that I cannot.

I love Sundays.

I love being in Church. All day.

I love the opportunity of standing alongside a whole bunch of like-minded people and worshipping together. There is some power in that.

I love hearing the Word. I want God to prompt me through it. I need to hear what God has to say.

I even love connecting with people.

I’m of the opinion that we expend energy getting excited about a lot of different things in life but the most important thing to be excited about is Jesus and His church. If we can’t get this right then we will not have what it takes to be the world-changers that God needs us to be. Hope you agree.

[If you are a Christian but not in a local church then take my advice and find one. It doesn’t need to be Xcel Church, just one where you can feel at home, can hear God speak, can get behind the vision and be a part of making it all happen].