Life Goes By…Quickly

“Behold, you have made my days a few handbreadths, and my lifetime is as nothing before you. Surely all mankind stands as a mere breath! Selah”‭‭Psalms‬ ‭39:5‬ ‭ESV

I read these verses and they always make me think:

It doesn’t matter how old you, life is really just a moment, a breath, it comes and goes very quickly. The key is to fill them with stuff that really matters.

What I have done may be fantastic but what lies ahead can still be greater.

In reality the days I have ‘truly’ lived are far too few.

Days, weeks, months and years pass by quickly. Time to take the walk with God more seriously and listen to what He is asking of me.

Honestly, a lifetime in the context of eternity is nothing. We are spiritual beings in a temporary home not the other way round. I will live forever but not in this present form.

Help me Lord to walk careful, to take hold of the time I have, to occupy myself on things that truly matter for eternity. 

To Pioneer…You Can Go Back

Pioneers are all about moving forward. They are only focused on leaving the old and embracing new things.

Yes. I agree. But I also disagree.

Friends of mine recently moved from one place to go back to where they lived before. I imagine people asking them why were they going back and asking it in such a way that it comes across as negative.

But going back doesn’t have to be negative. In the same way that an arrow is pulled back to be launched, going back can be he same for us.

We can pioneer by going back to the old, to embrace doing things in a new way. That’s what some of my friends are doing and they are pioneering a new path for themselves and their family.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these pioneer posts. Let me know what you think.

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To Pioneer…

Two alternative thoughts each day this week about pioneering from my message this Sunday. Just a different way to think. 

If we way this then maybe we make pioneering too exclusive. What have others never done that we could do? That may be the excuse we are looking for to not even bother trying. 

Yet one definition of pioneering is to be someone who takes the LED and therefore becomes an example. This means that we don’t have to find a brand new something that others haven’t done. 

Just do something YOU haven’t done before. 

For example, my church, Xcel are about to officially become 1 church in 4 locations, with Xcel Bangalore launching on Sunday 28th August.

We are not the first church to launch another location. Does that mean we are not pioneering? Of course not. We are the evidence of the second statement and pioneering by doing something we have never done before. 

What could you do that you have not done?

Any Moment

We have to learn to recognise that Gods way to greatness is different to ours. He uses every experience to shape us for our future. 

Joseph dreamt of greatness (Genesis 37). Like most 17 year olds he would not realise the journey he would travel to achieve that greatness. 

God’s not shaping us for a moment, He is shaping us for ANY moment. 

Greatness with God is not a moment, a one hit wonder, it’s not our 15 minutes of fame, or to make a million or two. 

Greatness for God is being shaped for any moment. Moments that come when you’re not expecting them. Moments that are not epic but demonstrate a heart and life dedicated to serving God.

Any moment to display loyalty, to resist temptation, to work hard, to notice the sadness of the faces of those around you, to minister to others, to hear from God, to handle adversity, to handle promotion, to forgive, to see Gods hand over your life. 

Let’s stop waiting for ‘the’ moment and instead be ready for ‘any’ moment and see all the great things God has for us to do throughout all of a our life. 

The Presence & The Practical

We need both. 

We need the presence of God. We need times of just standing in His presence. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us. We need the overwhelming sense of God and His transformational presence. 

We need the practical too. We need to take that presence and bump into the world in which we live. We need to love on people, encourage people, pray for people and going about doing good.   

In the Acts the Apostles we see this working at its very best. We read about how the early Church met together praying and worshipping in the temple. We read about how they ran a programme of practical help for those who needed care. 

The presence and the practical working together. A working of harmony. The rhythms of Grace bein experienced and then put to work too. 

More than that, those helping in the practical were to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to have an awareness of the power of God which was within them. 

The presence and the practical is a powerful combination. When it comes to kingdom building you possibly can’t have one without the other. Together they truly can change the world. 

The Unlearn Adventure

So, the invites for the ‘front-yard’ BBQ have gone out and now we are looking forward to meeting some of the neighbours. 

It’s not rocket science. I’m supposed to know the people I live next too and if I’m honest, I know some of their names but I don’t ‘know’ them. I have been here 9 years which is just makes this embarrassing really. 

I am unlearning connection. 

I am unlearning the way things are. 

I am having to relearn getting to know people. 

Here’s to seeing what unfolds. #unlearn

Hard Work and Rewarding

Helping and loving others is hard work, maybe that’s why we choose the other option. Saying yes to others takes time, effort and if we are honest, a change in routine and some inconvenience too. 

 Yet this is the battle I’m in right now. To ‘unlearn’ my approach to life and the calling to which I am called. For me it’s mostly about not giving way to personality, selfishness or just plain laziness. 

Some early observations…

  • I need to get fitter. 
  • It will help get me fitter. 
  • It doesn’t need to be big stuff. 
  • To others it is big stuff. 
  • It needs to be more normal. 
  • It’s great fun too. 

Join me on this ‘unlearn’ journey and share yours along the way. Don’t applaud me, it’s only what I should be doing anyway. I recognise many of you already live this way and I salute you. I’m merely playing catch up. 


For an Undetermined Time

This sentence above is what stops me from really changing the world, from changing my world. 

I can do some great stuff for a day or for an event but too often the monotony of helping and loving others can, eventually, become too much. When the shine wears off or the excitement of the adventure passes, I stop. 

Instead I am reminded that whatever I am doing to love others I must not do out of duty but rather from a place of devotion. I haven’t signed up for a day or two, or even for a few weeks instead I have to be in for what can only be described as an ‘undetermined time’. 

After all, who says when enough is enough. I may declare ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’ but if the t-shirt still needs wearing perhaps I should just put it back on. 

A different way to look is to see the opportunity, to go with it, have a change of answer, don’t see the inconvenience for myself, instead be the person who says ‘If I can, then I will. Why not?’

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act [Proverbs 3:27]

Just a thought – what do you think?