Focus & Energy

What has your focus at the moment?

We have been spending some time recently looking at what should have our focus at Xcel Church as we move towards the Xcel 2020 vision. Quickly before people starting commenting – loving God and loving people are central to what we do, always.

As a leadership team, praying and thinking strategically about what gets our focus is important. It’s what leaders do. I have asked this question of some leaders recently too. What do you want your ministry to focus on for the next 12 months? What we choose to focus on will determine what gets our energy. We will unpack this more as we head towards vision month.

Here’s the thought – as important as it is to know what the focus should be for Xcel Church, I need to know what the focus should be more my own life, my family, my home.

We can give time and attention to many things but are they those which we would like to be defined by, the kind that are building a legacy for future generations. Whether you are a Christian or not, this question is an important one.

If we don’t focus on the right things then the energy we expend is wasted.

What has your focus at the moment? Give your energy to those things. They don’t have to be overtly ‘spiritual’ but are worked from the knowledge of who you are in Christ Jesus and His power at work, in us and through us.

These are what will have my focus and my energy on a personal level….

The health and well-being of my family: a strong and intimate marriage, seeing my daughters flourish

Building the kingdom of God: serving in God’s House, using & developing my gifts & talents properly, reaching people for Jesus

Seek after God: in all areas of my life, spending time with Him, reading His word, in prayer and doing my utmost to have a walk worthy of all God has done for me

The removal of personal debt: increasing our ability to live generously

How about you? Where is your focus and your energy going?



Marriage & Parenting: The Questions

We had a good time this morning. I enjoyed it for one reason: we were answering some questions that people who don’t come to Church are asking.

Thought I’d put some on here for your perusal. (Any irreverent comments will be deleted)

How do you decide a person is the person you should marry?

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given about marriage?

When neither spouse agrees in decision making, how do you come to a solution?

In todays society, many parents treat their children as friends. How do you view this and what does the Bible say about it?

Is spanking/smacking your children permissible? If so, how is it best done?

What are the main principles to instil into your children as Christian parents?

What are views on TV, DVD & games consoles? (In the context of parenting/kids)

Is it right for a Christian and non-Christian to have sex if they are in love? (In marriage yes; outside of marriage no – whoever you are)

Hope we gave some sensible answers, Godly answers, that can help people when they are at work during the week.

New Series: The Family Three

The next 3 weeks at Xcel in Darlington are going to be fun. We are talking about marriage and parenting. It’s a quick, scratch the surface type message but the importance of opening up these subjects to the Word cannot be underestimated.

We can all learn from others.

Pastor John & his wife Lisa will be talking about marriage.
Pastor Chezz & his wife Louise will be talking about parenting (they have 3 kids already & one arriving any day soon)

The 3rd week is a Q&A on these topics.

What would you like to ask? What helpful hints would you give about marriage and parenting?