How Do You Live the Jesus Lifestyle?

Had a great time chatting with the Xcel Young Adults crowd tonight. I asked the question ‘How do you live the Jesus lifestyle?’ After all, once you make the decision to follow Jesus that’s what you are endeavouring to do – live the way Jesus asks you to. Following some wisdom from a couple of young adults I added my 4 thoughts:

It’s a Journey – it’s a lifestyle, not a daystyle. Recognise that you have embarked on a journey. Living the Jesus Lifestyle is walking the narrow path that Jesus mentions in Matthew 7:13-14. It’s a determined walk, a careful walk but it’s the walk that leads to life.

Don’t compromise. Living for Jesus is a high calling, a high standard. Once you have embarked on the journey, don’t lower your standards. Don’t give way. If the foundation is strong, then what ever stage of life comes, with all the changes that come,  decisions are already made. You can confidently say yes or no to stuff.

No excuses. Be someone who looks for reasons to opt in, rather than someone who looks for the opt-out. Jesus tells the story about an invite to a banquet that people made excuses for not attending. It’s a bit light when your reason is that you’ve bought a field and you have to go and look at it. If you are IN then you’re IN. Stop trying to get out of what Jesus is asking you to do.

Get the right crowd.There’s plenty of people who will call you to compromise or make excuses so having the right people round you will help you to live the Jesus lifestyle. Who should be in your crowd? Jesus. Spend time with Jesus. Plus some fellow builders. People who want to make a difference with you.

The question for all us is simple – am I doing enough to make sure I am living the Jesus lifestyle the best I possibly can?

Matthew 7 & 8: Having the Right Attitude

There is so much packed in Chapters 5, 6 & 7. As a Christian, you cannot help but love them. If you want to know how you should be living then you can’t go far wrong by starting here!!

Stuff like…
…judging others. Jesus definitely has a sense of humour…why do you spend so much time telling someone about that speck in their eye while you have a huge plank stuck in yours. Don’t be so stupid!!

…ask & it will be given to you, seek & you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. I truly believe that God wants us to ask because Jesus tells us to do that many times. I also truly believe that very often we then just sit down and wait for God to come through when we should be getting up and doing something…maybe seeking, maybe knocking. (Just a thought).

…building on the right foundation. You would be daft not to build on these words. Don’t just read them, make them your lifestyle. Make them part of your non-negotiables. Living this way gives you something to stand on when the stuff of life comes along.

One of the amazing things about Jesus…He always had time for people. He was willing to be interrupted, not get agitated by that but respond with compassion and meet their needs. A great example of this is right at the start of Matthew 8 and the man with leprosy…’If you are willing, you can make me clean…I AM WILLING!

Challenged to have that same attitude. How about you…any thoughts?