Do What Seems Impossible to See What Might Seem Impossible

One thing I am discovering as I read through the Gospels is that if you want a miracle then sometimes you have to do what seems impossible to see what might seem impossible

Don’t believe me then just take a look – from four guys lowering their friend through a roof [Luke 5:17-24], to blind men shouting at the top of their voice [Mark 10:46-52], to a woman crashing a party [John 12:1-8], to the unliked climbing a tree [Luke 19:1-9], to a woman who should not have even been outside [Matthew 9:20-22], their miracles came by taking a risk, doing the impossible to put themselves in the right place to receive what may have seemed impossible.

Sometimes the easier option feels more attractive. To not do anything and just keep coping. Many times it feels easier to stay at home. It’s easier sometimes to continue as we are and just keep praying for some change. Now, God can bring that change in an instant and often does, but other times I think He likes to see how much we desire change. Will we drag ourselves to the House of God even though we don’t feel like it, will we battle our emotions and not let them win, even if we might look terrible in the process?

The intelligent side of our brain is screaming at us, get to church, meet with God, get your miracle, go on do it. Meanwhile, the emotional side is screaming at us, don’t be stupid, what will people think, avoid humiliation at all costs.

Maybe the woman in Matthew 9 felt like that. She should not have even been out of the house, let alone reaching to touch the hem of the garment of a religious leader.

And there’s the dilemma.

Something inside her was telling her that she had to do it. Jesus heals others, he can heal me. If I can only reach out and touch him. All the time battling the shame of it all, her unwillingness to bear the brunt of any humiliation, those uncomfortable feelings, to endure the eyes of everyone watching as Jesus confronted her, the embarrassment of being found out. Who knows, maybe the miracle would not have come had her faith not won.

Now I don’t know how difficult things are for you and I certainly don’t want you reading this and feeling discouraged. My aim today is to encourage you…don’t allow the emotions and feelings to win, care less about what people might say, keep on coming to the House of God, drag your body in kicking & screaming if you must but position yourself in that place of faith and reach out to touch the hem of His garment and believe that in doing so your miracle will come.

Do what seems IMPOSSIBLE to see what might seem IMPOSSIBLE.

[Hope you catch my heart today. Do you agree or have a different viewpoint?]

Matthew 9: Dispense Some Compassion

Wherever Jesus went he taught, preached good news and healed the sick. At the end of this chapter I think you get a glimpse of his heart for people, one which I know I must endeavour to live out too.

v36…when he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd

To have compassion…to be moved in my heart to meet the needs of others around me, which makes a difference to them in the midst of their harassed life where they may feel helpless, to give leadership & direction where needed. There is always people with need. The harvest is plentiful. Better get out there and dispense some compassion…