Jesus: Not Just For Christmas

Looking forward to the next 3 weeks at Church as we unpack the reason why Jesus came. This is probably one of the most important questions that most people do not ask: why did Jesus Come to Earth?

We need to get past the baby and remember the man. You cannot have the beginning without the ending. That’s how God views everything, He starts at the end and calls us towards Him.

The potential and purposes of God were all wrapped up in that baby.
The life Jesus would live was written beforehand.
He was sent and always reminded people of that fact.
Not only sent but with purpose in mind.

To be the MESSIAH.

Hoping that tomorrow will be a great reminder to people of the amazing grace of God. Jesus entered the world, not just to exist but to save it. Rescue for sinners. Redeemer. Salvation.

It’s going to be a great day. Xcel Darlington. 11am at the Dolphin Centre. Who will you bring?