The 15 Revolution

Pastor Paul Scanlon spoke from his new book at the first evening session at Stronger 2009. A simple thought…allowing your day to be inconvenienced for someone else, just 15 minutes will make a BIG difference.

The problem is that many Churches have a theology of reaching people but are not actually reaching people. Why not? Because it’s inconvenient.

Inconvenience protects our life. Our default response is to back away when things start getting inconvenient, when in reality we need to push through and not quit. We don’t know what might happen, what will be on the other side of inconvenience.

Don’t defend your routine. Don’t defend your ‘family time’. Get involved in another persons world. When you get involved in anothers world – it’s more than helping out. It will cost you time, effort and maybe money. The key is though – you cannot be a shrinking violet in a world that is going to hell.

Don’t wait until they ‘deserve’ it. No one deserves it. You didn’t deserve the grace of God. We just need to live ready to help. It’s a challenge. It was a good reminder to us all as Christians.

Xcel Conference 2008

Heading off today for Xcel Conference at Abundant Life, Bradford. Always enjoy getting away and listening to some great preaching and this year is no exception with Pastor Paul Scanlon being joined by Pastor Dino Rizzo, Lead Pastor at Healing Place Church, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I follow Pastor Dino on twitter and read his blog from time to time. Love the way he thinks so I am expectant of being challenged but also of picking up some leadership tips as well. Check back for my thoughts later…