Nobody is a Nobody to God

We may feel unworthy of Gods love. Our friends and family may think that God would never want anything to do with them. Often people think that they are too far gone for God to really care.

Why would God be interested in me? I’m nobody special.

Here’s the thing that I have discovered as I am praying for the names of people I don’t even know, nobody is a nobody to God. Every nobody in their own opinion is a somebody to God, somebody worth sending His son Jesus to die for.

Nobody is too far gone.

Nobody is out of the reach of God’s grace.

Nobody is so unloveable that God cannot God love them.

Every nobody needs us to pray for them, that they would come to know the somebody who has done everything for them.

In Jesus Name…

Tonight we prayed again. Around 200 names to pray for. Names that people from Xcel Church wrote down recently. Family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues. People we want to see become Christians.

Tonight we prayed for them all. Believing for a harvest of souls, for salvation to come to people’s homes, for lives to be changed. Praying for those who wrote the name down to have boldness and courage in the Holy Spirit and to take the opportunity we are praying that God can engineer for you.

We pray like it depends on God. We work like it depends on us.

Really got stuck on praying for the names on the tables that represent the Prodigals, the lost that we want to see return home. In Luke 15:17 it says that the young man ‘came to his senses’ and that was my prayer tonight. That wherever they are in the world, whatever they are doing, they would come to their senses and whether they think they have it good or otherwise they will remember what it was like in their Father’s House. In Jesus name they will come home.

Keep praying. Keep asking. Keep standing in faith for all the names you wrote. I am genuinely excited to see people we have prayed for coming into the Kingdom. Oh and by the way, do me a favour ~ let me know when something happens. When you have a conversation. When you invite and they say yes. When you lead someone to the Lord. However small, it encourages our faith!

Why not join me next Friday night. 7pm at the Xcel Centre and we can stand together to see the breakthrough.

Prayer & Expectation

Prayer is a huge and sensitive aspect of the Christian faith. I don’t think prayer is easy to understand. It’s easy to pray for stuff, to pray for some wants, to even pray with real faith. In my experience of believing for God to do anything in my life, be that healing, a change in circumstances, something practical, guidance in decisions, problem solving, for the kids, miracles of all kinds, this is what I have discovered.

Pray. Not just once or twice but always. Have an attitude of prayer and keep praying. We don’t get because we don’t ask. God is more than able but rarely barges in, He longs to be invited, as we pray ‘Your Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven’. We pray, we ask, we intercede, we get on bended knee, and we don’t move until we have our answer.

Expect. If we don’t think God is able then why bother to pray. For me, to expect is to have faith. To expect is to be waiting, with a confidence that an answer will come. Both praying to God without expectation or to expecting God to move without a willingness to pray may be considered a faithless act.

Pray & expect. Then allow God to be God. His answer may not be my answer. His ways may not be the way of my choosing. I have to learn to accept the mystery that is God otherwise my frustration in not getting what ‘I want’ may cause me to miss out on what God ‘is giving’.

Maybe this is a simplistic view of prayer but that doesn’t bother me, it’s just my view. I pray, I expect in faith for an answer and then I allow God to bring His reply.

Focus & Prayer

It’s been a fantastic day in church. I enjoyed listening to some different voices and hearing how God wants them to live their own individual wide-open spacious life. It’s exciting and a privilege to be let in on the journey that God is taking people on.

And so, now for another week. We make our plans but God ordains the steps.

Another full week is ahead with a variety of things to focus my attention on. As we head towards the biggest weekend in our church calendar focus is the key. We will work like it depends on us but we will pray like it depends on God.

Preparation for Influence Conference is well underway yet the finishing touches always require the greatest effort. I can only encourage you to come and be with us along with our speakers Canon J John, Pastor Ray Bevan and Pastor Simon McIntyre.

Add to that the ongoing conversations about the Xcel 2020 vision and the strategy that goes with it, prayer and team meetings, clarifying details for some short-term mission trips and some general catch ups and other pastoral issues – it’s another full week.

Focus is a key ingredient. Prayer is the essential one. Whatever you are doing this week don’t forget – focus and prayer. Have a great week.

Keep on Praying

Last week I said February would be a month of prayer. Maybe you decided to join me.

Here is my focus for the next 7 days:

8th: Phil & Allison Le Dune who are travelling in Burkina Faso
9th: Those who lead in government
10th: All of the amazing Connect Group leaders within Xcel Church and those who are part of Groups
11th: Kerina – not just because she is my wife but also because of her role at the Centre
12th: To see people reached with the good news of Jesus Christ
13th: Influence Conference – praying for our speakers Canon J John & Pastor Ray Bevan
14th: For those preaching the Word across the UK

Be anxious for nothing but in all things pray (Philippians 4:6)