Make Space for What God Can Do

Was reminded this morning that God needs us to make space for him to move. Isaiah 54:2 tells us to ‘enlarge, to stretch, to not hold back, to lengthen and to strengthen’. Believing God for BIG things usually involves all these.

The key is to LENGTHEN the cords and then STRENGTHEN your stakes.

Both elements are important.
If you do not strengthen then you might snap.
You were designed to lengthen, to increase your capacity in God but not without learning how to strengthen that growth. Establish it, make it good, make it long lasting not just for a moment.

Believing BIG: Day 2

Here’s a thought:

If you are not believing God for something that you cannot physically do yourself then you are in danger of coasting in your Christian walk.

Always be believing for something.
Make it something BIG.
Something that will display God at His very best and give Him the glory.
That provides the opportunity to stand and say ‘It wasn’t me – it was God’

How do you pray BIG?
Take some time out to know what God wants you to pray for.
Don’t just pick anything – be specific.
Pray to see salvation in another persons life.
Pray to see growth in Xcel Church.
Pray for a breakthrough.
Ask but remember – play your part, do what you can & let God do what He can.

So…what are you praying for right now?

Believing for the BIG

This month I am focused on believing for the BIG.

Change – breakthrough – growth – increase – salvations

I know what I want to see – what about you?
What are you believing God for right now?
What’s the stretch for you?
Where are you creating space to allow God to do something?

Encourage you to join in. The next 30 days – pray, read, believe. Share your thoughts. Let’s pray & believe together, encourage one other and see God do some incredible things.

Thoughts, Ideas & Challenges

Really believing God for something incredible to happen in life of Xcel Church during June. It’s gonna be GIANT! Everyone can do something – to breathe out the love for Christ you have over others, to help one person move one step closer to a God encounter, to step more deliberately into things of God for your own life.

It doesn’t have to be a GIANT step to make GIANT difference.

Over the next few days I will be posting about somethings that ANYONE can do. Nothing so far out of reach that you will be intimidated. I encourage you to jump in at what ever level you feel comfortable BUT please take the plunge!!

Here’s the first couple for you to think about…

Challenge #1
Read the Gospel of Matthew. 28 chapters. 1 chapter each day (with a couple spare).
Take notes.
Pass by here and leave your thoughts.
I will post something everyday. I’m certainly of the opinion that my view is not necessarily the right view just a few thoughts from what I have read. Let’s learn together.

Challenge #2
Pray everyday. 30 days of standing and believing God for something or someone.
Pray for opportunities to speak to someone.
Pray that you would be a change agent in anothers world.
Pray for healing, reconciliation, friends, family.
Don’t care really – just pray everyday. Let’s see things change.

If you are up for this then let me know. Twitter me. Follow me. Message me. Leave a comment. Whether you are Xcel Church, Xcel Darlington or another place – just jump in and make this next month a GIANT one in your world.