6 Reasons Why Leaders Should Pray


My leadership is influenced by my Christian faith. The ‘how’ of my leadership has to reflect the ‘who’ I live for, and that is Jesus. If I lived for myself and my own ambition then my leadership would reflect that. This is why prayer has become such a non-negotiable in my life as a leader.

Prayer keeps me humble. I realise this may almost be contradictory as a statement but asking God for help reminds me that without Him working in me and through me, I am limited. It keeps my leadership from becoming all about me.

Prayer is the one thing I can do for all of those on my team. I cannot always meet all their specific needs but I can pray to my God who can.

Prayer invites God into all that I am doing. To ask for wisdom, insight, clarity, ideas. It creates space for me to hear Gods voice and that is just an essential for any Christian leader.

Jesus prayed. Enough said. He spent time with His heaven Father to know what He was saying and was asking Him to do.

Prayer relieves stress. The very fact we Jesus encourages us to cast our cares on Him is so freeing. In doing this we will learn how to walk and work with Jesus and His wonderful, unforced rhythms of grace.

Prayer exercises my faith. There should never be a time, whether a leader or not, when we are not believing in faith for something. Pray for that project, the event, the people, the outcome, for God to move, to see lives transformed. Prayer puts my faith in God to work when I ask Him to do something that I cannot make happen myself.

What other reasons would you give for why prayer as a leader is important?

3 Things to Help Build Our Faith

I’m sure between us we could add to this list but here goes with 3 things that can help us build our faith, the faith which we need to see the change we desire.

1. Pray.

2. Read the Word.

3. Be in a bible-teaching church

That is some combination.

Each one on their own are powerful but together they build our faith and it’s our faith in praying what God has said He will do that helps us to overcome the world. If that’s the kind of faith I need then I must be about doing all that I can to build it.

Simple then. I will stop letting excuses get in the way. I will pray. I will read the word. I will get to a bible-teaching church.

Anyone going to join me?

The Need for Prayer

David displays a heart of prayer. Something that I would do well to learn for myself. Yesterday I commented that I need God encounters. Today I would say that I also need to be coming before God in prayer. Always.

Not just with my wish list. Instead with an understanding of who I am in relation to who God is and how knowing Him can benefit me. Let my heart cry in the same way Davids did.

Don’t be angry with me.
Don’t discipline me.
Be gracious to me.
Heal me.
Deliver me.
Save me.
Hear me.

Answer so that Your name is glorified. [Psalm 6]

How wonderful to know that God is attentive to our cry and accepts our prayers. More than that, we can gain confidence that we cannot find in anything or anyone else. So lets pray for more than just for God to bless us, more than just a nice day or for the sun to shine. Lets lift out faith as we stand in awe of our God, for healing, for a widening of our view to pray for the world in which live, for salvation, for miracles, for Gods name to be glorified as we stretch our faith and believe for the impossible.

A Call to Tarry in Prayer

This week we have focused some prayer into the life of Xcel Church and into the lives of those associated with it and beyond. We want to see God move.

God moves when people pray. One thing is guaranteed too, 100% of unasked prayers will go unanswered. The only person to blame for that in my own life is me. If I don’t ask, God cannot answer. So it begs the question ~ why don’t I pray more?

I want to. I want to see God move. I want to see things change. However, as I have said before about intentions, they are not enough. An intention to pray is not a prayer. I actually have to pray. I have to make time to get with God and ‘tarry’ a while with Him.

Jesus spoke to his disciples in the garden of Gethsemane and asked them ‘Could you not tarry in prayer for one hour? Could you not keep watch with me for one hour?’ That is a challenge to me. To make space for prayer. On my own and with others too.If I desire to see things change then I have to do something different, I have to move away from what might be good, get on my knees and pray and believe for what I know in God is better.

Prayer does not come naturally. It’s amazing what can seem interesting or how my time can be filled with nothing of any consequence, rather than spending an hour in prayer. I pray and ask God to help me to pray.

What are you asking God for? Where do you want to see God move? Are you taking the time to pray and to ask in faith in the name of Jesus? 

One last thought, something that has helped me. Write your prayers down. My mind wanders when I pray. I start to think about a hundred other things when I close my eyes to pray so about 3 years ago I started to journal my prayers and it has helped me so much to keep my focus, plus I can read back through them and see some incredible things that God has done in my life because I asked Him to.

And if you are part of Xcel Church, why not join us tomorrow night at the Xcel Centre from 7.30pm for one hour of prayer as we pray for our world, to see people come to Jesus and for His kingdom to come on earth, as it is in heaven.

God Hears Us

Who do we call on in times of trouble? Where do we take our requests to when we need help and guidance?

Friends and family? Work colleagues maybe? Perhaps nowadays people even turn to Facebook by using that awful status ‘It’s happened again’ thereby inviting comments from all and sundry on some situation that has occurred. 

Nothing inherently wrong with all that I suppose. Yet as Believers we have a helper who desires to be engaged in our world. When things are before us that we don’t know how to navigate, we have One who can lead us, if only we would give voice to our request and ask for help. 

Stubbornness or pride may stop us at times but we must do all we can to not let them. 

In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation. [Psalm 5:3]

Isn’t that awalk with God that demonstrates faith. A walk that relies on God moving in our lives. A walk that says God can deal with stuff. 

It’s definitely a walk that shows the attitude of King David in this Psalm that I want to adopt – to come into Gods House, to worship toward Gods throne, and to be led according to Gods righteousness. 

For that kind of relationship I am thankful and will rejoice. In such a relationship I am favoured and blessed. I can’t think of any better place to be.