In Jesus Name…

Tonight we prayed again. Around 200 names to pray for. Names that people from Xcel Church wrote down recently. Family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues. People we want to see become Christians.

Tonight we prayed for them all. Believing for a harvest of souls, for salvation to come to people’s homes, for lives to be changed. Praying for those who wrote the name down to have boldness and courage in the Holy Spirit and to take the opportunity we are praying that God can engineer for you.

We pray like it depends on God. We work like it depends on us.

Really got stuck on praying for the names on the tables that represent the Prodigals, the lost that we want to see return home. In Luke 15:17 it says that the young man ‘came to his senses’ and that was my prayer tonight. That wherever they are in the world, whatever they are doing, they would come to their senses and whether they think they have it good or otherwise they will remember what it was like in their Father’s House. In Jesus name they will come home.

Keep praying. Keep asking. Keep standing in faith for all the names you wrote. I am genuinely excited to see people we have prayed for coming into the Kingdom. Oh and by the way, do me a favour ~ let me know when something happens. When you have a conversation. When you invite and they say yes. When you lead someone to the Lord. However small, it encourages our faith!

Why not join me next Friday night. 7pm at the Xcel Centre and we can stand together to see the breakthrough.

Pray & Work

When chatting with someone today about life we reminded each other about the adage that Pastor Mark Batterson wrote in The Circle Maker…

Pray like it depends on God. Work like it depends on you. 

Too many people just pray & ask God for an answer but put no effort in themselves. I think God is probably encouraging any in that group to get off their glorious behind and put some effort in. They pray hard but are lazy in the doing. 

On the otherside are those who put all their effort into working as hard as they can to solve a challenge themselves. They work hard but they don’t pray. 

We need to people who do both. Work hard. Pray hard. That’s an attitude and lifestyle that God can use, can bless. 

I wonder what would happen to us if we took on this attitude as a challenge for life. 

What do you need to pray about like it depends on God and work on like it depends on you?

We Don’t Need More Faith

But the Master said, “You don’t need more faith. There is no ‘more’ or ‘less’ in faith. If you have a bare kernel of faith, say the size of a poppy seed, you could say to this sycamore tree, ‘Go jump in the lake,’ and it would do it. (‭Luke‬ ‭17‬:‭6‬ MSG)

Am I wrongly praying for more faith? Maybe. When I read these words this morning it was like a kick to the shin, a jolt of a reminder to me…

I don’t need ‘more’ faith. I just need to put to use the small amount I have. 

We all have a measure of faith and that measure is acceptable to God. What is not acceptable is my unwillingness to put it to use, or to use it sparingly as if it might run out. I am reminded today to exercise it, to pray using it, to stand on it, that when I do so it makes God happy. 

Maybe I don’t think my small amount of faith can make any difference in the light of such big difficulties. It can. It will. It does. 

So this morning I am praying in faith for those who are not well. I am believing in faith for mountains to be removed, cancers to leave bodies, debts to be cleared, relationships to be made right, circumstances to change. 

Let’s make sure we don’t belittle the little faith we have but instead just put it to use and leave the rest up to God. 

Your thoughts? How’s your faith today?


Enjoyed an evening with some of the men from Xcel Church tonight.

Pastor John reminded me tonight about the need to show a bit of audacity from time to time. Audacity is important to overcome apathy because it involved faith and faith is the antidote to apathy. Audacious faith is about speaking to situations and not just talking about it.

Joshua showed audacious faith when he asked God to stop the sun. That’s definitely out there. Who would even dare ask for such a thing? Yet the encouragement is for me to have my own audacious prayers – relational, spiritual, physical and financial.

There is victory in audacity.

Actually it doesn’t just work in faith, sometimes it works in other areas of life as it’s about doing something that sometimes doesn’t make sense. Start a new business. Change your financial habits. Turn the TV off. Go for the dream job. Marry that special someone. Join a gym. Love your spouse the right way. Or whatever it might be for you.

Where will you put your audacious faith to work? What could you do different that might just change your life?


It’s Good to Pray

Today we prayed and it was good.

I didn’t enjoy the extra early alarm. I didn’t enjoy the thought of fasting. However, I did enjoy standing with about a dozen others at the Centre from 7am and praying.

It’s good to pray. And we prayed! We lifted our voices to God on behalf of others who may be struggling to lift their own voices to God. We prayed for healing, for miracles, for breakthroughs. We prayed because we are fed up with seeing so many people being sick.

We spoke life over them.
We declared the victory of the cross over them.
We rebuked the enemy and negative words that may have been spoken over them.
We stopped focusing on ourselves and focused on others.

I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in faith that there is power in the name of Jesus. I am believing to see lives made whole. I believe that the sacrifice and inconvenience is worth the effort.

Of course, we can pray whenever we want to. We can access God all the time but there’s something about joining with others and simply agreeing together to see God move in another persons life and situation.

Why don’t you join us next Thursday at the Xcel Centre between 7-8am. It would be great to see you there.

Self-Awareness, Thinking, Praying

This week has seen me getting up early, making sure I get some time with God. The essential prayer & reading of the Word.

Life is busy. Some important personal decisions to make. Stuff happening with members of my family. When you have intense times the need for reflective times takes on greater importance. At least it does for me. It keeps my perspective right. Stops unnecessary drift.

Self-awareness, thinking, praying. In terms of the role I play as a leader disciplining myself to recognise the ebbs and flows in my life is vital. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t come easy but it is a necessary skill to keep me right with God and with my family.

Self- awareness. How am I doing? Am I on track? How is my walk with God? How is my relationship with my wife & my girls?

Thinking. Inspiration always feels great. The practice of reflection hopefully leads to action. And there is no end to what can inspire us as a team with regards to building the local church. Conversations, ideas, challenges, plans. We could probably talk our way through the week, thinking about stuff. With most things coming across my desk the to-do list can get quite long. The challenge is to make sure we talk & think about the right things. Is my time being used correctly? Am I adding value in the right places?

Praying. Matthew 6:33. Seek first the Kingdom of God. Prayer is not part of my job. It is part of my life. Surely it should like breathing, always in conversation with my Father God. I pray for my family, my wife, what we do, for those I know, my family. And it is still not enough.

How about you…
How self-aware are you?
What are you thinking about?
Is your prayer life active enough?

Please pray…for the vision of Xcel Church, for your leaders, for those in your world, for God to change you, to change someone else…anything that will make a difference and just gets you asking God to do SOMETHING.

Let’s Get Praying…

As Mark Ritchie encouraged us on Sunday night, we MUST focus on what we CAN do, not what we cannot do.

We should PRAY for the person we want to invite
We should be READY to TELL our STORY
We should INVITE

Be courageous. Let’s ALL give it a go. We might be surprised what God can do as we just try.

Who are you believing to see be impacted by God?
If you leave the first name of the person you are praying for then we can ALL pray…let’s start believing God to make a difference in the lives of the people we do life with…

Don’t Think About It Too Much

That would be my summary of Acts 3. Get filled with the Holy Spirit. Go out doing what you always did…head off to the temple to pray for Peter & John, off to work or wherever for you & me. Difference today is now they are FULLY equipped.

Opportunity + faith = God Miracle. Love it.

Sometimes I pray for the opportunity but then I’m unwilling to step out in faith and the moment has passed. Why? Fear of sounding foolish, let alone looking foolish. Probably thinking about the whole thing too much I convince myself out of allowing God to use me. Possibly I can learn from Peter & John – just say it, don’t think about it too much, just know that God can do it.

Praying that I’m ready for the next time.