One Thing Becomes Six Things

It’s easy in reading Psalm 27 to only focus on the ‘one thing’ type statement.

A ‘one thing’ view is important in certain aspects of our walk with God, yet we have to be careful that in being narrow focused we don’t miss out on the fullness of God, the wide open space He is calling us to live from, that greater awareness of all God has for us.

As I read Psalm 27 again today the ‘one thing’ became ‘three things’ which became ‘six things’. I began to zoom out rather than just zoom in and experience a fresh appreciation for all that God can do in and through me. Let me show you…

One thing I have desired of the Lord, that will I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life [v4]

Surely that is the hearts cry of every believer. I hope so. However, this is about more than attendance, about more than regularly turning up to Church. This is about relationship, knowing who we are in Christ and how being in the House of God will cause us to flourish.

One thing becomes two things…
To behold the beauty of the Lord: to worship Him, to lift up His name, to Honour Him, to thank Him for being God, to see Him and to know Him

To inquire in His temple: to bring our requests, to seek Him, to ask, to find answers so that in times of trouble our heads can stay lifted up

Teach me Your way [v11]

From being in His house all our days we hear the Word of God, we learn about His ways,  to glean wisdom for life’s knotty problems.

One thing becomes two more things…
That God would lead me: after all He knows the best route for my life, He straightens the path as I put my trust in Him

To experience His goodness: on my own I may have lost heart but through Gods lead, from the protection of being in His house, I recognise and see the goodness of the Lord

Wait on the Lord [v14]

Being in His house is to be in His presence, it is to allow Him to move in my life. It is to learn to ‘wait’, something that I am not always good at. Yet I am discovering that if I make time to wait on God, it is in the waiting that God moves.

One thing becomes two more things…
Courage: the kind that only comes supernaturally having been with God

Strength:  in heart, to not conform, or give in to circumstances, voices or other temptations.

From the ‘one thing’ of desiring to be in God’s house all our days, comes the benefit of so much more than is often acknowledged.

Worship. Prayer. Teaching. Leading. Courage. Strength.

My prayer today is one of thankfulness for such a place, His house where I can run to. His house, available for me at all times. His house, a place of discovering more about God and how much He loves me and where I truly know that, ‘He is my light and my salvation’.

One Thing

I’m not an overly ambitious person.
I’m a bit like David in Psalm 27…

‘I’m asking God for one thing, only one thing: to live with him in his house my whole life long. I’ll contemplate his beauty; I’ll study at his feet.’

What’s your one thing?
I am committed to sticking close to God, learning more, doing whatever I can for Him.
I am committed to growing leaders who can help build the local church.
I am committed to helping facilitate the vision in my Senior Pastors heart for Xcel Church.