Family Time

This week we are away for a full family get together to celebrate my dads 80th birthday. 23 of us aged from 2 to 80yrs. 

Family is important. We don’t get to do this very often as we live across the UK. It becomes more difficult as the family grows so these moments have to be seen as precious. (Photo will follow later in the week)

Family is diverse. We may be blood but that doesn’t make us all the same. Different personalities, different habits and different things that we enjoy. And that’s okay. 

Family support. We may not be with each other all the time but if anything happened to one of us then the rest would be there to help. 

So here’s to a great week off work, enjoying each other’s company, eating lots of food and heading to the rides at Alton Towers tomorrow. Not sure if my dad will ride the Oblivion though.