Today’s Leadership Reminders

Reading feedback today from our first Growth Track session last night and I am reminded of some important leadership principles…

Be willing to listen to other peoples opinions. It can make for uncomfortable reading but by involving others you have the potential to take something which is good and make it so much better. This is why I love that we are doing a ‘pilot run’ of the Growth Track, for such a reason and some of the comments are great.

Be willing to admit when it wasn’t quite right. All the planning in the world doesn’t make up for actually going through something with a bunch of people. The feedback just reminded me of things I had meant to say, they were in my notes but I just forgot.

Be willing to work hard at making necessary changes. Some of these are on me to do and then getting others to help with the rest. It’s no good listening to comments to just ignore them. Leaders execute stuff, they get stuff done and work hard to make things better.

Team is always best. This for me is an example of Team Xcel at it’s very best, collaborating on what we all agree will be a great success and help many people in their journey with God. Team can also help in making the suggestions happen too.

It’s all about helping people move on one step with God. It’s why I am excited about the Growth Track and what it can mean for people and their connection with God, with others, with their purpose and with the church family.

What have your leadership reminders been today?

don’t grow numb…Day 3

Choosing to do something is easy. The daily discipline of that choice is another matter altogether.

Reading 1 Samuel earlier to day I wondered how had Eli the priest lost his ability to discern peoples actions correctly or to even recognise when God speaking. How do you get to the place where you think someone who is pouring out their heart is actually drunk? Strange to think that it took 3 attempts before Eli suggested to Samuel that it was the Lord who was calling him and how he should respond.

He had grown numb to the presence of the Lord.
He had become comfortable in his role as priest.
He demonstrated a considerable level of immaturity
when it came to the way God does things and what he requires.

Forty years of doing the same thing, holding responsibility, perhaps he thought everything was okay really. The daily discipline of doing the right things, consistently, is never easy but the rewards are incedible.

In the midst of our series Team Church for Xcel Darlington. This is the stuff that keeps you on team. World-class footballers don’t get there by chance. They may possess some natural gifting but they train hard to be able to play hard. Don’t train, don’t play. They lose their match fitness. They are not ready! Same can be true for Christians.

Eli forgot what it took to stay in the game. His lazy, irresponsible attitude cost him. My prayer today is that I never grow numb to what the Lord is doing. In my life, in Xcel Church, in Xcel Darlington. I will do all I can to stay in the right place with God and keep myself ‘match ready’.

What are doing to make sure you don’t grow numb to what God wants to do with your life?
What are sticking at over the next 90 days to see change in your world?