10 Things That Can Shape Your 2010

Are we the architect’s of our future?

God has laid up some incredible things for our lives. Our responsibility is to place ourselves correctly in life, making sure that we stay in those plans. Easy. Or not.

To make 2010 an incredible year, maybe the best one yet here are 10 things you could do:

1. Review 2009: what did you achieve? what did you not achieve?
2. Set the bar: use this years achievements or lack of, to move it a little higher for 2010
3. Read your Bible: go for cover to cover through the year – go on, give it a go.
4. Lay down the BIG rocks: what are the key things you want to see happen during 2010 – holidays, special occasions, events, conferences
5. Mark your boundaries: planning sets boundaries, boundaries determine what is allowed.
6. Learn to say NO: boundaries give you control, they remind you what you should be saying NO to. If you can’t say no you will end up doing some stuff that leads to drift, get you distracted, followed by disappointment (again).
7. Learn to say YES: don’t hide from opportunity. Your year will be shaped by what you say YES to as much as what you say NO to. Some times you just have to go for something.
8. Pray things through: no one says 2010 will be easy but just because it gets tough doesn’t mean you should walk way either. Keep strong in your faith, pray it through and then pray it through again.
9. Get with like-minded people: for those at Xcel join a Connect Group – support, encouragement, sharing of successes and failures too
10. Have fun along the way: make time for hanging out with those special people in your life, know how to chill out and have a laugh

What are your hopes for 2010?
Make some great decisions today and get yourself ready for what God has in store for you

Are You Running To Win?

Spoke to the youth leaders tonight. Discussed a new thought with them from a verse that jumped out at me this year while I was completed my read through of the Bible. Check out 1 Cor 9:24: In a race – all the runners run – but only one gets the prize. RUN IN SUCH A WAY AS TO GET THE PRIZE.

This begs the question: are you running to win? Starting to think about this so these are just some intial thoughts…

1. It’s not the taking part that counts
– it’s not about being on the team
– it’s not about being at church every week
– it’s not about doing your bit
It’s about WINNING Winning is what matters!! Then you get the prize

So here’s the next Question: What does winning look like for you?
– if you don’t know what the prize looks like how do you know you are running the right race
– you need to be specific about what winning looks like for you so that you know you are winning

Is it to see salvations?
Is it to know that God is changing lives?
Is it about seeing people getting connected?

You can only be ready to win if you know what you are aiming for.

2. You’ve got to WANT it
If you have to want to win, otherwise what you are saying is that you don’t care. If you don’t care then when things get tough you will give up instead of digging in. That attitude is what makes a champion. You need to do everything you can to give yourself every chance of winning.

So here’s another Question: What does it take to put yourself in a winning position?

Choose your race and commit to be the best at it
Train for the race. Get yourself a coach, put your disciplines in place and stick to them.
Have the right pre-race regime. Don’t come in cold, you would lose a race like that. Pray up, come ready.
Get a Race Strategy. Know what you are aiming to achieve and work towards it.
Performance Analysis – did you win?

Anyway – its just the start of a thought at the moment but I want to make sure that I put myself in the best position to win and not run aimlessly. What do you think?