Staying Humble

Been nudged recently about the power of remaining humble. Reading about Joseph and how in the midst of great upheaval, turmoil, being forgotten and even when he was being promoted, how he always remained quietly confident in Gods ability to deal with everything.

Humble enough to not promote himself when opportunity presented itself.

Humble enough to not take the credit but always give credit to God.

Humble enough to not complain when he had been forgotten.

Humble enough to trust God is able to bring it all together.

Humble enough to go with the life God considers best for him. 

I am big enough to admit that I don’t have this sorted. I like to be noticed, I like to put my name forward, I might push for the opportunity, yet I would still say I am trusting God for all of them.

So this becomes my focus. Stay humble. Go with God. Worry less about the outcome and know He has His hands on the steering wheel of my life. If He wants me be somewhere, then He is more able to get me there than I am myself.

X-Ray Your Motives

This was Gods word this morning…then every church will know that appearances don’t impress me. I x-ray every motive and make sure you get what’s coming to you [Rev 2:23b]

I definitely sat up when I read this.

Image maybe meaningful within the world. The idea that we must ‘have’ certain stuff or have attained a certain ‘level’ of success. The risk is that stuff and success become the reason for our existence, the focus of our energies and the basis for how we think people might view us.

Yet it seems that appearance is nothing to God. Such things don’t impress Him.

Instead, God x-rays every motive and rewards it accordingly. He sees the good in our heart. He also sees the selfishness in out heart. He sees faith in Him that resides in our heart. He also sees the obstacles of unforgiveness, of pride and hurt that can also be in my heart and get in the way of that faith.

So I ask myself the obvious question ~ what are my motives for doing what I do? After all if God examines my heart then He recognises the why behind the what ~ why I am doing what I am doing.

Am I looking for approval?

Am I looking for personal recognition?

Am I looking for my own success?

Am I going after applause? Or…

 Will I just serve faithfully even if I never receive any public affirmation?

Will I give without any guarantee of return?

Will I put my trust in God and that my reward will come from Him?

So I make a response today: that I will reflect on my motives and repent of any that are misplaced, selfish or not mindful of God’s best interest for me and my family.

How about you?

God Wants To Do the BIG Things

Encouraged this week in my praying and reading that God really does want to do something BIG.

In my life.
In my family.
In my Church.

If God desires that for me then He desires it for YOU as well. God really is FOR US.

Paul wrote to the Thessalonians that he was praying for them ‘that by his [God’s] power he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by faith’. [2 Thessalonians 1:11]

So we are back to the need to make space for God to move. To act in FAITH. Without faith it’s impossible to please God. Without any acts prompted by faith God cannot fulfill anything. This is not acts prompted by my own desires but by faith. Challenges the heart: selfish desires v faith filled desires.

Selfish desires make me look good.
Faith filled desires make God look good.

God wants to fulfill every good purpose of mine to make Him look good. To bring glory to His name. To promote Him, not to promote me.

What act prompted by faith do you want to see God fulfill?