5 Areas for Continuous Improvement as an Exec Pastor

It’s easy to get caught up in the doing of a job, be overly-led by a job role/description, maybe even make the Executive Pastor [XP] role too operational. In my opinion it is much more than just keeping an eye on the budget and all that stuff, although they are very important.

Here are 5 things I work on and remind myself of often which I hope help me in my role as an XP .

To Be a Better Listener. I acknowledge this is a much needed area of improvement for me. I like to give an opinion, yet I am learning that the XP role requires a greater willingness to listen. It has to be about helping others feel like they have been heard and understood, even if the answer is still no or not yet.

To Become More Solution-Orientated. This doesn’t mean I fix everything but I can give time and attention to a challenge or idea that others may not be able to. Sometimes this can involve some tough conversations, asking the difficult questions and digging in to understand something properly. The bigger challenge is doing so in as graceful was as possible.

To Develop Others. I am always reminding myself, what we do is all about people. I  might love a good system or process to help move things forward, however there is no substitute for being more focused on growing bigger people.

To Make it More Fun. I mentioned in church the other Sunday how I used to be the life and soul of the party and that maybe I have allowed an appropriate level of sarcasm to become cynicism. There’s an honest ouch! Life should definitely be more fun.

To Always Know the Heart of my Lead Pastor. Probably the most essential. Knowing what to say yes or no to depends on me knowing and understanding my Lead Pastors heart. This means good, regular, open and honest communication, alongside the need for a strong trust-filled working relationship. If I don’t know him well enough then I cannot act on his behalf with any confidence.

I am here to serve my Lead Pastor and his vision, which is all about God and building the local church.  It’s about being able to work well with others, including people in the process, in the decisions and empowering them to make things happen.

If you are in a similar role, what would you add to this? If you are a Lead/Senior Pastor, what would your comments be?

5 Ways The Why Impacts Me

Couple of weeks ago I wrote about 5 Benefits for Knowing ‘Why’ We Are Doing This

There are benefits corporately of a strong ‘why’. What about for me then, either as leader or one of the many team players. How does the ‘why’ impact me? How should I behave because of the ‘why’?

I serve at the pleasure of my leader. If I get ‘why’ then it probably means I get the leaders heart, they are usually one and the same. As a member of the team it is easy for me to serve that vision and always be mindful that it’s what they want that really matters. It’s a heart thing.

I believe the best in my fellow team mates. In between what I expect of my team and what they actually execute is a decision. Do I believe the best or the worst of them? In the interest of team, putting our effort in towards the same thing,  it makes sense to choose to go with believing the best in them.

I let go of my own vision and serve the bigger one. This is a tough one but I have definitely learned that very often to see my own personal vision fulfilled it comes through serving someone else’s first. If it’s really about the bigger cause then I have to be willing to lay my personal agenda stuff to one side.

I say yes or no to the right things. A strong ‘why’ certainly makes this easy. It can become the filter which other decisions are passed through.

I always give it my 100% best. This is not about perfection, it’s not even about always agreeing, but it is about doing the very best with what you have. If it hasn’t got your heart then you are not going to be able to fake this one, people will notice pretty quickly.

I have not always been great at these. I can get lazy about them. They get tested by all sorts of things too. Ultimately though, it is a test of the heart ~ to the vision, the ‘why, and to those who lead me and who I work alongside. And as I have said many times before ‘I’m in’.

How about you? How good have you been at aligning your heart with the ‘why’?