Influence 2015.5

Today has been phenomenal. Thank you Pastor Ray Bevan for your teaching today…

We need to silence the bully of sin in our lives. Don’t underestimate the power of sin in our lives as Christians. The other side is for fearful Christians – don’t overestimate the power of sine. 

Sin will bully you with the threat of contamination, condemnation, separation, limitation. 

Contamination – we focus too much on sin and not enough on grace. Where sin is grace abounds more. 

1 Cor 7:12-16 Don’t be concerned about the sin in your home but rather the grace that is inside of you. 

Condemnation – we feel accused by sin. How long will we allow Satan to accuse us of our sin as a believer? There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. The judgement has been paid. 

It’s not about my unfaithfulness but Gods faithfulness even when I am unfaithful. 

Grace always gives you a score that you don’t deserve.

A Little Sin, It Doesn’t Matter

Er, what?

Am I guilty of this? How often do I convince myself that it doesn’t really matter. After all, it’s only a little sin. If I’m totally honest, then the answer has to be yes I am guilty. My imperfections show more on some days than others.

I am not making any excuses for misbehaving. Sin is what it is, sin. Large or small, it doesn’t matter. One small sin is equally as dangerous as one big sin. The thin end of the wedge maybe thin but it’s still big enough to keep a door open. I’m conscious that if that some thin end of the sin wedge did that to my heart then it stands wide open to all-comers. Perhaps then I am in danger to sin becoming normal and I’m back where I started before I even knew about the saving grace of God.

It might not be right but my antidote is watchfulness.

Actually it’s forgiveness and grace. However, I have to become better at not abusing the power of both of these. I must be watchful of understanding the significance of such gifts. In addition I must be watchful to not wallow in the guilt and shame of any of my sin. I don’t need to. That’s the power of grace and to wallow is to possibly cheapen it.

So I am watchful. I need to be. The word encourages me to be.

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour [1 Peter 5:8]

 It’s the very least I must do. It’s not always easy but it is the least I can do. Thankfully the grace of God helps me in this too, everyday.


Messed Up Lately?

Everyday? Maybe?

Some nights I can go to sleep knowing that I have given my best for God, which I realise is subjective based on my own measure but I think we all know whether we have been good for God or not.

Other nights maybe not so clear. Come on, let’s be honest. Stupid stuff. Bad words. Wrong thoughts. Getting cross. Plain laziness. Not giving God a second thought. Nothing major but enough to make me get right with God before I go to sleep.

Messing up is normal.

Yet I have this niggle. Perhaps, messing up should bring us to our knees.

Forgiveness and grace are not a license to continue making mess. Or to even stay in the mess. Instead we get the privilege of being able to live in the knowledge that God has waded into the mess of our lives and has got involved in the cleaning up process. And for that I am extremely grateful.

My prayer is simple. Sorry for my messing up God. Thank you for your forgiveness. Thank you for your divine grace that helps me becoming more like the person you have created me to be.

Don’t Throw That Stone

So Mike Guglielmucci has made a huge mistake. There are a number of people who are making comments…

My friend Chezz talks about leadership in difficult times

Chris Denham asks how should we deal with this

Both point to an article by Mal Fletcher and another blog shows him speaking about this on youtube

The long and the short of it is this: he has made a mistake. Haven’t we all. I like how this Pastor is responding to it all by asking questions of his own relationship with God.

The first thing that came to my mind was that we need to be careful. Are we not all just one silly mistake away from losing it all? Is our integrity intact? Have we never made any mistakes? Are you someone who never sins? How is your relationship with God? Are you keeping strong in the Christian basics?

3 things that Jesus said are probably a good place to start
‘Let him without sin cast the first stone’.
‘Judge not, lest you be judged’
‘First take the plank out of your own eye before you comment about the speck in others’

God’s grace is amazing. He truly is the God of the second chance and don’t know about you, I’ve been glad for that a few times, so maybe that makes him the God of the second, third, fourth….and more chances. His love for us never changes. Nothing we can do can make him love us any less or any more and the same is true for Mike.

Just some thoughts…