Final Thoughts, Ideas & Challenges

Final few things that anyone can do. Things that can help grow the Church. I realise Jesus said ‘I will build my Church’ but we do have the privilege of being involved. One thing I know…I can’t sit about doing nothing just because of what Jesus said.

Challenges #1, #2, #3, #4

Anyway with all that said..why not get involved in some of these…

Final Challenges
#5 Serve. Sundays. PY Fridays at Darlo. Wherever you can.
#6 Bring Someone. Chris Denham is coming on Sunday 7th June – what an opportunity. Or the next series ‘BATTLE OF THE SEXES’ – should be fun (if that’s the right word)
#7 Connect Think about what you enjoy, arrange to do it, get someone else involved – and not just everyone from Church either. My event – squash. Looking for some like-minded people to start a mini-league to run through the summer…email me if you want to join in!
#8 Climb Helvellyn for Cloud Nine. Great sponsored event, raising money to help people. get your work colleagues involved too!
#9 Attend Church on a Sunday. SGs on a Tuesday. Prayer meetings. BIG SOCIAL!!

You know what…I’m not bothered what you do as long as you all do something. You can add to this list too!