The Next Big Thing

We expend energy on many things. Not all bad either. Lots of worthwhile ventures.

We can get caught up with the future though. Don’t read me wrong, I am an advocate for setting some goals, having a dream and having a desire to head somewhere on purpose. Yet I also see a danger when this becomes our main focus, the source for our drive in life. To put it simply, there may be times when we chase the next big thing rather than chasing after the one who can helps us in our pursuit of that next big thing.

Let’s make sure that God is the big thing in our life that we chase.

Remember that it is God who gives us the power to create wealth. It is God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask, think or imagine, according to His power that works in us. Not God working according to our power in Him.

What’s the next big thing? I don’t honestly know. What I do know is this, whatever I think it may be my responsibility is clear ~ I will continue to pray about it like it depends on God and work hard towards it like it depends on me.

Hello 2015

A new year offers a fresh start for many. We say goodbye to the old year and welcome a new one with heighten expectation and hope for good things.

In reality, nothing has changed, except for maybe our attitude towards what’s happening.

We make resolutions. We come up with some goals to aid our focus. I have been a long time advocate for doing this, without a sense of purpose, writing some stuff down, creating a little focus, then we often don’t achieve all that we could.

What will you go for in 2015? What will work hard to see accomplished?

In the midst of all your personal health and wealth goals, and everything that many others may say is important, I would encourage you to…

1. Pray like it depends on God. Work like it depends on you.

2. Protect your time with God. Do all you can to keep your walk with God as strong as possible.

3. Read your Bible – everyday.

4. Grab a hold of a scripture for 2015 and don’t let go of it. Speak it prophetically over your future, your life, your family, and your home.

What do you think? What is God saying to you about this next 12 months.

Plan For a Great Year

22 days in to 2010….how is it so far? Have the resolutions stuck?

To have a great year you need to be INTENTIONAL.
To have a great year you need to have a PLAN

‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’

How do you know whether you have progressed in life, grown in maturity if you don’t know what you are wanting to see? What are the identifiable markers for growth in 2010 that you are setting for yourself?

Take up the challenge of changing some habits in your life with the purpose of seeing different results. Don’t travel round the same mountain in 2010, why not try & conquer it this year.

Use a Personal Growth Plan – set some goals, have mentors in your world
Identify your Core Values – make decision based on these
Build the Disciplines – what should you be doing
Create some Margin – make space for the doing of them

There’s lots of things you could do. The key is to do something!

Why not share some of your goals & vision for 2010 on here…

10 Things That Can Shape Your 2010

Are we the architect’s of our future?

God has laid up some incredible things for our lives. Our responsibility is to place ourselves correctly in life, making sure that we stay in those plans. Easy. Or not.

To make 2010 an incredible year, maybe the best one yet here are 10 things you could do:

1. Review 2009: what did you achieve? what did you not achieve?
2. Set the bar: use this years achievements or lack of, to move it a little higher for 2010
3. Read your Bible: go for cover to cover through the year – go on, give it a go.
4. Lay down the BIG rocks: what are the key things you want to see happen during 2010 – holidays, special occasions, events, conferences
5. Mark your boundaries: planning sets boundaries, boundaries determine what is allowed.
6. Learn to say NO: boundaries give you control, they remind you what you should be saying NO to. If you can’t say no you will end up doing some stuff that leads to drift, get you distracted, followed by disappointment (again).
7. Learn to say YES: don’t hide from opportunity. Your year will be shaped by what you say YES to as much as what you say NO to. Some times you just have to go for something.
8. Pray things through: no one says 2010 will be easy but just because it gets tough doesn’t mean you should walk way either. Keep strong in your faith, pray it through and then pray it through again.
9. Get with like-minded people: for those at Xcel join a Connect Group – support, encouragement, sharing of successes and failures too
10. Have fun along the way: make time for hanging out with those special people in your life, know how to chill out and have a laugh

What are your hopes for 2010?
Make some great decisions today and get yourself ready for what God has in store for you

Picking Up The Pace

As we head into a new year, new decade and for Xcel Church a new building it is vital that to build on any momentum that is being created that we work hard to ‘keep up the pace’.

In Jeremiah 12:5 God challenges the prophet – if you have run with the men and got tired, how will you contend running with the horses? It’s a great picture of how God needs us to be ready for what is ahead. To always be working at upping the pace. If we think life is fast now, God only wants to make it faster.

It’s not about getting busier. It’s about becoming smarter in our work. 2010 can be your year. The moment you have been dreaming of may appear. Be ready for it.

Don’t lose pace with what is happening around you…
PROCRASTINATION, ASSUMPTION and things CUTTING IN ON YOU could mean you get ELIMINATED from what God has for you.

Keep upping the pace…
PREPARATION for the life you want, ACTION to move you, thinking how you can increase your CAPACITY can put you in the place where God may ELEVATE you.

What goals will you set for yourself in 2010?
How can you make sure that you ‘run the race’ well in 2010?

This is not the pre-game warm up. This is the game. As Bill Hybels says in his book Axiom – ‘what life are you waiting for?’

Keeping Right With God…Day 16

Interesting reading through Kings. Those that had success and found blessing were those that did the right things in the eyes of God.

Sadly when life gets tough too many people give up on God and don’t actually take any time to reflect on lifestyle habits, whether we have let our spiritual disciplines slip and that rather than assuming that God has forgotten us the feelings of waywardness in our life could be as a result of not keeping right with God.

I recognise much more quickly now when I have started to allow distractions affect my focus. King Hezekiah removed the idols. All of them. Not just the obvious ones but also those on the high places, the ones hidden away. How about you? Still focused? Don’t be distracted, keep right with God.

Fresh Year, Fresh Ideas, Fresh Goals [2]

There are other areas that could always do with a fresh look, a new sense of determination, a purposeful shake up to create movement in the right direction, to encourage growth and to see the right kind of fruit being produced.

Getting the right relationships with the right people. Those who can add value to me and to whom I can add value. As a Pastor there are certain individuals that I feel I MUST develop good relationships with, learning about them, understanding them, giving them time to catch my heart for Darlington and for the power of synergy to kick in.

When it comes to relationships some of my goals include…
1. Have regular time with Kerina – make dates with each other, chase her again. Our marriage is important to me. As a value I must take responsibility for making sure we spend time together, yes talking about Church stuff but not just that. We need to have some fun time too. It all makes for healthy marriage, which makes for happy kids, which makes for a peaceful home.
2. Spending time with my 3 girls. Helping them do life well, teaching them about God. Identifying some stuff that we can do together – need to talk to them about that. It’s not just about what I want to do but also what they want to do.
3. Building & nurturing friendships with key people – particularly with Xcel Darlington in mind. There is a mix of people here – those I need to be sharing my heart with more regularly, those I need to be investing in, some to be accountable to. Part of this is meeting with them, sharing ideas together, enjoying the Xcel Darlington journey much more closely.

All relationships end up somewhere. If you are not careful they can end up somewhere and then you are left wondering how did they get there. I am determined to not let that happen.

What will you be doing in 2009 to make the most of your key relationships?

Fresh Year, Fresh Goals, Fresh Ideas

Just a few days of the year left and I am beginning to kick into gear for a fantastic 2009. So here’s my immediate thoughts…need to do the right things first, get some quality time with God, make the year one of purpose and one that is immensely fruitful.

Thought I would share my thoughts for 2009. You have to have a plan. The old adage ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ is so true…with that ringing in my ears I have goals and ideas for various areas of my life which I will share over the next few days.

I guess posting them in a blog is the ultimate in accountability. Spiritual goals are often the easiest to think about. Read what Mark Batterson wrote on his blog that those who have been Christians for say 25 years should have 25 years experience but unfortunately many have 1 years experience repeated 25 times.

To make sure I don’t repeat stuff and I progress in my walk with God in 2009 I include the following goals…

1. Read my Bible through in the first 6 months (started).
2. Fast more – determined to fast at least 10% of the year.
3. 40 days early prayer from next Monday – praying for some particular things including Xcel Darlington and the people who are part of it.

There will be more. I am however determined to stay as close to God as possible. What are you doing this year to help mature your relationship with God?