4 Keys to Seeing God Do the Impossible


Walking with God is not that complicated. There’s not a formula but I do believe there are certain things we can do which can definitely make it easier.

Be willing to hear God’s voice.

Be willing to listen to what God is saying.

Be willing to obey what God is saying.

Be willing to trust what He is saying He can do.

In Luke 1 Mary demonstrates all four of these and she does so with such great simplicity of faith, it is quite wonderful. Let it be as you have spoken. I magnify You God. Look at what You are doing, through me and through this child to be born.

God speaks. She hears. She actually listens. She responds. She accepts. She obeys. She trusts.

In the rush of life we have to be ready to hear, to listen, to obey and to trust. There is power when we bring them all together. If we hear but don’t listen, we won’t understand what it is God is asking of us. Yet if we hear and listen but do not obey, we miss out on the fruitfulness of Gods full blessing. And we cannot obey and trust God in action if we do not know what He has been saying to us.

Only in the working of all four is there the full reward, the creation of something new in our lives, God making something seemingly out of nothing as we hear, listen, obey and trust. Then nothing is impossible. For ourselves, for the people around us, maybe even for the world.

Tell me why you would agree or not?

Be An Answer

I pray every morning. I have different things, people, topics and such that I pray for each day. I don’t share this to show off, only to say this discipline is important to me. 

This morning I got a nudge from God, a thought, just something simple, yet as always with God, very powerful. Here it is…

I might be the answer to your prayer. You might be the answer to mine. The key is that we are listening well enough to hear God and then brave enough to act on what He said. 

It has challenged me. It has got my attention. My ears are up, positioned to listen better. Ready and expectant for what God might be asking of me. 

How might this challenge you?

Leaders Step Out

The other day I wrote how leaders show up. I would add to that today and say this,

Leaders step out. 

When Abraham began his journey with God he did not know where he was going. We maybe need a bit more of that in 2016. 

Life is not always neat and tidy. It’s not always possible to get all the ducks lined up. Maybe, to be the world changer we desire to be, there’s going to be some risk, some danger, some stepping out and some faith required. 

Leaders step out. 

They step out in faith. 

They step out when others won’t. 

They step out when everything isn’t sorted. 

They step out, start moving and trust that God will then do the same. 

They step out, go on the adventure and then have a story to tell. 

And we need some of these types of great leaders who live for God in 2016. I guess then, the biggest question is simply this ~ will we be that kind of leader? And in being this kind of a leader, what difference can we make?