Adding Value

Your success is not based on your position.

That is a difficult for us to learn. If you want to be an influential leader then you must learn it. You are most valuable where you add most value. And here’s the thing – that may not be in the ‘position’ you currently find yourself in.

How do you add value?
What do you bring to the table?

At Stronger Conference Pastor Kevin Gerald spoke about this. The challenge of ‘feeling valued v adding value’. I was glad of the reminder…

…to focus on the adding value and get past the craving to feel valued
…to understand that craving to be valued hinders me from being valued
…to know that I will make bad decisions if I make them based on how valued I feel
…to realise that people can invalidate me as well as value me

Leaders sacrifice the right sometimes to be valued. Often the one leading the way we feel least valued. Not everyone will like you, enjoy what you are doing and this means you not feel valued. The fact is that you are probably acting in the place that adds most value.

The 15 Revolution

Pastor Paul Scanlon spoke from his new book at the first evening session at Stronger 2009. A simple thought…allowing your day to be inconvenienced for someone else, just 15 minutes will make a BIG difference.

The problem is that many Churches have a theology of reaching people but are not actually reaching people. Why not? Because it’s inconvenient.

Inconvenience protects our life. Our default response is to back away when things start getting inconvenient, when in reality we need to push through and not quit. We don’t know what might happen, what will be on the other side of inconvenience.

Don’t defend your routine. Don’t defend your ‘family time’. Get involved in another persons world. When you get involved in anothers world – it’s more than helping out. It will cost you time, effort and maybe money. The key is though – you cannot be a shrinking violet in a world that is going to hell.

Don’t wait until they ‘deserve’ it. No one deserves it. You didn’t deserve the grace of God. We just need to live ready to help. It’s a challenge. It was a good reminder to us all as Christians.

Stronger 2008: Continues

Hey, Kong Hee put the cat amongst the pigeons last night. Loved it. He talked about engaging culture. It was a challenge and certainly got us all talking. The whole ‘in the world but not of it’ debate. Difficult to explain – you probably had to be there.

Today has been great. Conference tiredness is now truly kicking in. Add into that the information overload and you can get the gist of where I am at right now.

Thoughts from today that have struck me from the various messages by Kong Hee & Charlotte Scanlon-Gambill…

…your spiritual disciplines keep you from the influences of the world.
…let your upward mobility be supported by them.
…not keeping your spiritual disciplines strong just makes room for moral failure.
…zeal withou knowledge is not enough.
…we need the excitement but we need the knowledge to go with it.
…if I am fully confident that God loves me then I know that He will never let me down.

As usual with a conference – lots to go away and think about.

Stronger 2008: Thoughts So Far

Just sat through a great session with Paul De Jong at Stronger 2008. Speaking about what will change our cities…Living Love.

We need to love our Cities unconditionally. Without an attached agenda. Just love people. Understand that people matter and do whatever just to love them. True ‘agape’ love.

…living love demonstrates what it believes. It’s the ‘doing’ part which is the challenge.
…love is a sacrifice more than a feeling.
…opposite of love is not hate, it’s apathy.
…learn to value every person – see them how God sees them.
…too many people want the privilege of leadership. BUT privilege without cost is dangerous

Great challenge. Plus it’s something that you can get a hold of and put into practice straight away.

Checkout Stronger updates.