Coming Up the Other Side of The Dip

I was reminded by God on Saturday about a book I read recently called The Dip by Seth Godin. I’m sure it was God because I thought about it completely out of nowhere but very much in relation to where I am at in my walk with God at the moment.

My life is complete when I think about Pastoring Xcel Church Darlington, I love it. I spend most of my day thinking about it, praying about, visioneering the way forward, praying about it, believing God for people.

Other aspects of my world are tougher and can’t really go into it here. Needless to say when I was reading the Bible on Saturday morning and praying God reminded me of something. The Dip. More specifically the need to keep doing the right things to make sure I come up the other side of the dip.

Too many people give up in business because things dip a little (or a lot) and they lose focus and walk away from the dream. Don’t Christians do that too. We stand believing God for something, our faith is strong but if it takes more than a day we declare it a valley, a wilderness experience and struggle to see how God can be for us. All because he hasn’t answered when we wanted him to.

I think God wants to see some consistency in our faithfulness towards Him. I could probably solve one of my circumstances very quickly but it might not be where God wants me. I’m not naive but I’m also full of faith that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I will keep the main things the main things…praying, reading, believing God. I will keep moving forward. Keep working to build the Kingdom.

Jesus said ask, seek & knock. Is it really that simple? Hope so. When I come up the other side of the dip, I’ll let you know.