Dignity ~ a Lost Art

Some of us have forgotten how to carry ourselves well. In all different kinds of circumstances the ability to be a person of dignity seems to have been lost. Maybe we see it as weakness. Perhaps we think it’s not strong to be dignified. I wonder of we have become to brash in our dealings.

Dignity is about understanding the situation, the gravity of it and maintaining your integrity, handling others and what’s happening, whether good or bad with the same level of respect. 

Dignity in defeat. 

Dignity when winning. 

Dignity in our conversations. 

Dignity places value on others. 

Dignity in leadership. 

Dignity through times of personal loss.

Dignity in how we dress.

Dignity with others.

Dignity when things don’t go the way we think they should.

Some times we lose our dignity and maybe that can be good for us. It can mess with that sense of entitlement we can so easily lean towards. Other times we lose our dignity and it embarrasses us. It reveals a side of us that we wish others hadn’t seen but by then it’s too late, it hasn’t shown us of well. We think we are being humourous but actually we are being inappropriate. We think we have an opinion worth sharing but in reality we are just being opinionated.

Dignity influences. I would rather be known as a person of dignity than not. It may not be flashy or an ‘out-there’ character trait but it helps build the right kind of reputation with others. As a Christian it means I show off my God the best I can.

Dignity helps me lead well in life. It’s a quiet strength that goes unnoticed. Dignity, or the lack of it, only reveals itself when we are pushed, prodded or poked, by life or people. Without it I don’t consider to be leading the best I can.

Dignity helps me not say some stuff. It causes me to think things through before blurting out, before posting, before commenting on a topic in a way that it just shouldn’t be said. In otherwords it helps me keep my mouth shut and that can only be a good thing.

Dignity protects me. To lack dignity is to be thought of as insensitive, rude, inappropriate and be without discretion. When you become known for those things you may discover that people avoid you and where does that leave our ability to influence, build connection and lead people to Jesus.

Let’s make sure we are people of dignity first. Let’s keep it. It will open closed doors, breakdown prejudices and build bridges. It will give us opportunity to share the reason we live this way and point people to our incredible Saviour.

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody. [1 Thessalonians 4:11-12]


The YOU That Others See [2]

Already posted about this but I just need to say that I absolutely loved this morning. Great atmosphere. Great people and great encouragement from everyone during the preach…KEEP IT UP! So much more verbal than EVER!

BIG UP to the Band: thought they did a fab job…even without the drums. It can be difficult but everyone seemed up for it and sometimes when things aren’t as easy for you naturally is when you need God more. Good job guys!

I enjoy preaching in a series. This one…WILL THE REAL ME PLEASE STAND UP…is going really well!!
Last week we spoke about the YOU THAT GOD SEES.
Today it was the YOU THAT OTHERS SEE. Less wow, more ouch!

Challenge…what people might see v what people should see

Hey, good to be brutally honest. WE are the biggest turnover off to some when it comes to Church
Guard against giving people the chance to call you a hypocrite.
Put some alarm bells on your life
Don’t get lazy in your choices.
No one chooses to be a hypocrite you get there by drifting off course.

A life based purely on feelings will have the Church in trouble.
You need to demonstrate a life filled with faith…despite the circumstances.
Feelings are important but its faith that makes the difference

What can you NOT let go of?
All addictive behaviour is a control issue. What’s your addiction & can you let it go?
We don’t like letting go because we don’t have control – we become vulnerable

BUT…other need to see YOU living an open, honest life, demonstrating your faith…even through the difficult times. Be more careful in how you live life for maximum impact.

WHY? Your story told to the right person at the right time is a powerful weapon. Suddenly their view of you may change, it will open up a discovery that you have been through what they are going through. Difference = YOU HAD GOD!

Looking forward to hearing how this message has impacted people.

The YOU That Others See

This Sunday at Xcel Darlington is going to be incredible. I am excited about what God is doing at Xcel Church, after all ‘He will build His church’ – we just have the privilege of being involved in the process.

Last week we talked about the YOU that God sees. How we are so much more in God’s eyes than we possibly are in our own.

This week:
the YOU that others see.
the YOU that wins people or loses people for God.
the YOU that always leaves an impression.
the YOU that carries the hope to the whole world.
the YOU that builds the Church or not.

Maybe we will use the words – hypocrite, liar, fake.
Maybe that be considered too harsh.

But think about those words in the light of the fact that the BIGGEST turn-off to Church is often the Christians that attend it. We desperately need the REAL ME to stand up

How can we be authentic in a post-Church society?
How can we be naturally attractive to others?
What is the YOU that others need to see?