7 Things to Be Thankful to God For This Week


With a freewill offering I will sacrifice to you; I will give thanks to your name, O LORD, for it is good [Psalm 54:6]

Make this week a week of thankfulness. Create space each day for a moment with God where you deliberately appreciate all He has done for you, is doing right now for you and all He will do for you in the future.

Thankfulness is a choice, it will not happen by accident.

Some days thankfulness can be easy and on other days it can be tough. Life is unfair. Life is difficult. Life is not always a party time and celebration. At these times we choose to bring a sacrifice of praise, we bring our thankfulness as an offering, a gift, a purposeful decision. We recognise that is hard but we are deciding to say thank you anyway.

In doing so, we lay aside our own feelings and walk by faith, confident in the knowledge that God is with us, that He loves us and is always with us.

Let me help you with your devotional time this and give you 7 things to be thankful for, one for each day, to help you in your giving of thanks and praise to our God. What you will say thank you to God for will be in relation to your own situation and circumstances.

  • He has saved us, we are adopted in to His family
  • He has helped us, through so many different times
  • He is faithful, and His love never fails
  • He is with us, in all things
  • He is on our future, he has great plans for us
  • He protects us, keeps us safe
  • He hears the cry of our heart

I would love to hear what you thankful for?

Always Acknowledge God

Have you given God a thought today?
Have you stopped to remember Him?
Have you taken time out to pray?

Have you managed to praise Him at all?

Is to not do these things, whether by choice or just through forgetting, to be like those who say there is no God?

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” [Psalm 14:1]

Well, but, I know there is a God. I love my God. I just haven’t had chance today. He understands I’m busy. Life is full. I can’t always be giving time to these things.

To not acknowledge God is to make room for things that are not of God.

To not acknowledge God is to not deny yourself and pick up your cross but to deny God and ignore the cross.

To not acknowledge God is foolish. Senseless. However you put it, it doesn’t sound great.

I don’t want to be religious about all this. The reminder to me is simple: if I say I love God and have chosen to follow Him then to acknowledge Him each day is the least I can do.

Let’s make room for God today. Deliberately. On purpose. Let something else go to get with our God. Always a good choice.

Take 5

I have a simple way to counter what often happens to all those good intentions we can have that just don’t seem to last.

You know what I mean, we’ve been in the presence of God and the Holy Spirit is on our case and we make promises like, I’m going to pray more, read my Bible more, speak in tongues more, look for more opportunities to be kind, grow in God and more.

Then tomorrow comes and we don’t hit the mark. That 6am start never happened. Up too late, mislaid our Bible, people were particularly awkward. It was not a good day.

Here’s my simple approach. It’s helped me when I’ve had one of ‘those days’.

Take 5.

Take 5 minutes to read your Bible.
Take 5 people you can think about and ask God to be with them, help them and bless them.
Take 5 minutes to speak in tongues.
Take 5 minutes and do something for someone else.

We over estimate what we can actually do. We justify our not doing anything because we can’t spend enough time on it. ‘If I can’t do it to this level then why even bother?’

Take 5 minutes.

You will be surprised by the difference that it makes and it won’t be long before you find yourself taking 10 minutes, then 15 and so on.

[I’d love to hear from you if you do something different to help you keep doing these things].

Hearing God

I’m not sure about you but I cannot survive in my Christian walk without hearing from God. If I am not getting any whispers or gentle nudges from God then after a while I begin to get antsy, a bit fidgety.

There are plenty of voices in my world shouting for my attention but there is only one that really counts (even more than the wife’s) and that’s Gods voice.

How do I make sure I can hear from God? I determine to.

I clear the clutter. If needs be,  I will leave the rest of the family, remove distractions and just grab a few moments with God.

I read the Word, every day. Some days I read huge chunks, others days just a few verses. Either way, it is always done with an ear to hear what God is saying to me through it.

I pray, every day. To hear God speak you have to be in conversation with Him. You have to nurture the relationship. Get past the ‘bless me’ prayers and allow the Holy Spirit to lead your prayer time.

I position myself right. Now I’m not perfect, just ask my kids, but I do know this, if I want to be a person who hears from God I have to put myself in the right places. Therefore, going to Church is not just a habit, it’s a non-negotiable for me. It’s one of the prime places I go to where I know I’ll hear from God.

How about you – where is your place to hear from God? What was the last thing that God said to you?

Time to Switch Off?

I’m looking forward to my holiday very soon. Time to be with my family, to go to the beach, to refresh my soul, to read some books. It’s an important thing, taking a break.

But here’s the challenge. I need to switch off BUT not switch off.
It’s okay to turn the laptop off.
It’s expected that I will not respond to emails.
I may not even twitter.

So…one thing I will not switch off from is God. Lots of people do. Holiday mode kicks in so all the spiritual disciplines get switched off. DANGEROUS. Just because I’m holiday doesn’t mean I shouldn’t hang out with God too – in fact I might get more time. Plus it’s not NEED driven I can be with God…just because I can.

I’m so thankful that God doesn’t switch off for me.
That he doesn’t go on vacation but that He is ALWAYS there.
I will enjoy my time away, I will come back refreshed but I hope I keep that sense of God being with me.

I think this is more of a reminder to myself but please don’t switch off from God just because it’s holiday time.

Don’t Be Flip

Sometimes we can start to take stuff forgranted. Things like..we will always have a job, we will always have our health, we will live forever, our partners know that we love them. Problem with taking things forgranted…it can catch up on us, then SUDDENLY those very same things become BIG problems.

As it is in the natural, so it is with God. We must not take God forgranted.

Matthew 7:6 ‘”Don’t be flip with the sacred. Banter and silliness give no honor to God. Don’t reduce holy mysteries to slogans. In trying to be relevant, you’re only being cute and inviting sacrilege.” The Message

Watch yourselves.
Watch the attitude towards God.
Yes, He will always be there.
Yes, He will never leave us.
Yes, His mercies are new every morning.

But…DON”T BE FLIP about these things. Don’t show inappropriate levity towards things that demand much greater respect. Our Christian walk is not to be dealt with flippantly.
Give them the correct honour that they deserve.
Remember to give God His rightful place in our life.
Honour, relevance, respect. It’s about lifestyle. It’s about consistency. It’s about integrity.
It’s not about living so close to the edge that we only look silly and misrepresent who God is and all that He has done in our lives.

Take time each day to honour your Father who heaven.
Spend time with Him, deliberately.
Don’t be FLIP with Him, just expecting that such a way is okay.

[Just my thoughts….what do you think?]

Day 9…Make Each Day A Great Day

Start the day the best way…with God. Take a moment, thank Him for everything He has done. Even amidst the chaos that life can throw at us, there is still something to thank God for.

I know its not always possible for everyone to find space alone at the start of the day but if you can, then I encourage you to make it a priority. Jesus often rose early and went off into the countryside. I just go downstairs but its my time with God, no interruptions, just an opportunity to connect with God before I head into the day.

Take time to meditate…
Remember…His mercies are new everything morning.
Remember…His faithfulness endures forever.
Remember…He is the God that changes not.
Remember…He will never leave you or forsake you.
Remember…that the Holy Spirit, God Himself, lives inside of you, ready to lead you and guide you through the week.

I am learning that to see the breakthrough I am believing for I need to get a hold of God, not let go and have some persistent determination. I think the Team Church theme at Xcel Church is helping me understand that being a Christian and being Church must be taken more seriously. After all, Iif I don’t do it I cannot always assume that someone else will.

When do you get with God?
What do you do in that time with God?