Things to Help Keep you in Step With the Spirit

Continuing with some previous thoughts.

Remember that when you became a Christian: YOU CHANGED. Something happened. Your spirit came alive to the things of God. Easy really. Or maybe that was just the choice. The daily management of that choice is where the battle lays. Being lead by your flesh or being led by the spirit.

Paul wrote in Galatians 5:25 ‘keep in step with the spirit’. Maybe its like the spirit that is alive in you is calling you forward into the things of God but the flesh is holding you back. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing catch up with what God has for me.

What can I do to make sure I keep in step with the spirit? To tip into the things of God?

Remember whose KINGDOM you are in
We know we are part of God’s kingdom. We have been transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. A transfer price paid through Jesus.

Why do live some days as if we have forgotten this?
Why do we try & fit God into our kingdoms instead of remembering that we are in His?

Knowing whose Kingdom you are in creates confidence. It brings assurance. It’s why David could stand in front of Goliath and tell him that he was ‘going down’.

Let go off ME
Read this ‘I cannot embrace the Kingdom of God if my arms of full of ME’.

We want all that God has for us but we are too consumed with getting everything we want. You can’t have both. We cannot pursue our dreams and God’s dreams at the same time.

Letting go of ME makes space for God to move. It’s scary. It’s not easy. But a rush. What an adventure.

This is the tough one.

We repent. We turn away from our old life.
We get on with life.
We then turn round and go back to the old life. [Or is that just me]

Maybe repentance is a one-off. I would like to suggest that we need to repent more often.

We need to repent…
…of our lack of desire
…of turning back
…of allowing ‘others’ to cut in on us while we run the race
…of thinking the pursuit of our dreams & Jesus can live in harmony when that’s impossible
…for saying we seek first the kingdom of God as in Matthew 6:33 but then not fully trusting God to fulfill it

Keep in step with the spirit…
…remember whose Kingdom you are in
…let go of ME

Let’s see what difference it might make.

Tipping in to the things of God

I am challenged.
I have a deep desire to make sure I am always tipping in to the things of God.
I know I AM changed. When I became a Christian I was changed. I was dead in my sins. Then I was made alive to the things of God. All because of what Jesus did for me.

The BIG THOUGHT I had was this…my Spirit has changed, is alive to God but maybe the rest of me needs to catch up. I either keep in step with the Spirit or I drift the wrong way. It’s easy to drift!

I have an ‘obligation’ to live according to the Spirit. Not according to the flesh. Romans 8 tells me that. Sinful nature is death. The spirit is life. Jesus is worth that much. I am indebted to him for everything he has done for me…right?

So I keep tipping into the things of God…
…staying FILLED with the FULLNESS of God
…in my FOCUS

I don’t want to just labour at somethings that is important from an earthly perspective but misses the mark when it comes to eternity. Christianity is my calling. So I ‘ought to labour after & pray earnestly for clearer insight into & and a fuller acquaintance with the great objects of a Christians hope’

My personal challenge: to be honest enough to look at my life and answer the question – am I truly dwelling with Christ? Am I tipping into the things of God?

Matthew 18

I love that Jesus says that to be called great in the kingdom of heaven you must humble yourself like a child. Up to a certain age a child has great innocence, a simplicity of faith, a complete trust in those closest to them. Only when we grow up do we become argumentative, challenging, moody, small in faith, ask why rather than why not and generally lose sight of what it takes be truly great.

Maybe that’s a generalisation.

I love that Jesus lets us in on a kingdom principle. Whatever we bound on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. This is an incredible statement. Dare I say an under-estimated statement.

Come on – do we forget the authority we have?
If two of us agree about anything we ask for, it will be done for us! Amazing.

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Book Review: Starving Jesus by J.R. Mahon & Craig Gross

445481_1_ftc_dp1Respect. After being whacked round the head by reading this book…respect. To J.R and Craig for the work they do, for their honesty which was fairly brutal at times, for sharing their heart and the desperation they have to see Gods church out of the pew and into the world reaching people, which is summed up early on where it reads ‘Bottom line: Get off your butt and do something.

Loved the thoughts about being Born Again Lazy, how we have got lazy with outreach, with money, with families, with prayer, with fasting, with studying God’s Word, with him, with the lost.

Loved the thought about how we have lost our nerve as followers of Christ, that the early church knew that their message was so disturbing, so offensive, that they knew it meant death…that we have what we have because they did what they did. WOW!

Ignorable calling…how life is full of ignorables. I ignore my wife, my children, discipline, God. When you have a relationship with Christ, he calls you to action. When heard and ignored, the resulting action will always result in failure. How do you know you are ignoring God? If you asking the question, chances are you are.

Put down the life you think you need, and open yourself up to the life Christ has designed.

A dangerous thought as they suggest becoming outrageous,experimental, entrepreneurial, and bold. Steadfast in the idea that anything short of sin to drive the message of Christ into the world.

Some people will be offended by this book. The message, the way its written, the vulnerability, the passion, the 40 day fast and tour stuff. You cannot read it and not respond in some way. Thank God they are not just saying it but live it out too – warts & all! The honesty is challenging but if you love God then you will accept the challenge in the right way. It’s a call to a dangerous life, an exciting life, a faith-filled jumping out of the boat life – one I am determined to participate in, and as a Pastor grow a congregation that live it too.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to ALL Christians. Be reminded about what you should be doing, how life can be lived. Get your copy here.