4 Keys to Seeing God Do the Impossible


Walking with God is not that complicated. There’s not a formula but I do believe there are certain things we can do which can definitely make it easier.

Be willing to hear God’s voice.

Be willing to listen to what God is saying.

Be willing to obey what God is saying.

Be willing to trust what He is saying He can do.

In Luke 1 Mary demonstrates all four of these and she does so with such great simplicity of faith, it is quite wonderful. Let it be as you have spoken. I magnify You God. Look at what You are doing, through me and through this child to be born.

God speaks. She hears. She actually listens. She responds. She accepts. She obeys. She trusts.

In the rush of life we have to be ready to hear, to listen, to obey and to trust. There is power when we bring them all together. If we hear but don’t listen, we won’t understand what it is God is asking of us. Yet if we hear and listen but do not obey, we miss out on the fruitfulness of Gods full blessing. And we cannot obey and trust God in action if we do not know what He has been saying to us.

Only in the working of all four is there the full reward, the creation of something new in our lives, God making something seemingly out of nothing as we hear, listen, obey and trust. Then nothing is impossible. For ourselves, for the people around us, maybe even for the world.

Tell me why you would agree or not?

7 Things Which Could Help You Keep Going

When it comes to seeing change happen or breakthrough come, it can feel like God either isn’t listening or He has maybe gone on holiday.

Often the tiredness of just existing and coping with everything going on around us is all we can manage but I want to encourage you today and remind us all of 7 things which we must keep doing, even though they may be a struggle…

Keep praying. This is not a boast but I make sure that I get at least a few minutes every morning to pray. Each day has a different focus too.

Keep coming to church. When it feels like the last thing you want to do then I want to suggest it may possibly be the first thing you need to be doing.

Keep in close proximity to God. God told Abraham to walk before him and I think that’s a great picture of how we need to be with God. Stay as close as possible. Give extra special attention to the health of your walk with God.

Keep ‘naysayers’ away from you. People love to let you know what they think. This is not about getting rid of people, but more about being careful about which voices you actually listen to.

Keep some scripture in front of you. We have had scriptures written up and stuck on the wall before, just so it is literally in front of us all the time. God told Joshua to keep in the word all the time so his way would be successful.

Keep being thankful. It’s too easy to look at what you don’t have and miss all the incredible things that you do have. It’s easy to become frustrated for seemingly unanswered prayers while not noticing all the great things He has done without our asking.

Keep guard of your heart and your mouth. As much the words of others don’t help, so do our own. Put a guard on your heart. Don’t let any rubbish in. Be careful to keep speaking faith-filled words.

Is there anything else that you would add to this list?

Staying Humble

Been nudged recently about the power of remaining humble. Reading about Joseph and how in the midst of great upheaval, turmoil, being forgotten and even when he was being promoted, how he always remained quietly confident in Gods ability to deal with everything.

Humble enough to not promote himself when opportunity presented itself.

Humble enough to not take the credit but always give credit to God.

Humble enough to not complain when he had been forgotten.

Humble enough to trust God is able to bring it all together.

Humble enough to go with the life God considers best for him. 

I am big enough to admit that I don’t have this sorted. I like to be noticed, I like to put my name forward, I might push for the opportunity, yet I would still say I am trusting God for all of them.

So this becomes my focus. Stay humble. Go with God. Worry less about the outcome and know He has His hands on the steering wheel of my life. If He wants me be somewhere, then He is more able to get me there than I am myself.

Is Anything Too Hard?

Is anything too hard for the Lord? [Genesis 18:14]

As we walk with God there will be all sorts of moments. Think about your own walk and your experiences with God, the Words from God, the way you have grown. I’m sure like me, there have been some glorious life altering moments, some powerful Holy Spirit moments and more than likely, some frustrating, confused and questioning moments. Maybe you have even had some moments of unbelief too.

For Abraham and Sarah this is one of those moments. Put yourself in their shoes. Gods talked about an heir before but now He is saying that the son will come from them, a couple of very old people, they were in their nineties. That’s not a union I really want to think about, yet God spoke the birth into being.

However, knowing how easy it is to look at certain characters in the Bible as always being great and amazing, I am encouraged once again that these are just ordinary human beings, with the same kind of flaws that I might display from time to time and I can learn quite a lot from them. In this case about unbelief.

Unbelief comes to everyone. None of us are so close to God that we don’t have moments where we wonder if God we actually come through for us, that what He has said, can and will come to pass. Like Sarah, we have laughed at the thought. Our realistic view of the world has reminded us that such things are just not possible even though God says they are.

Unbelief can go one of two ways. These moments are pivotal moments. Right now the trajectory for Abraham and Sarah is going in one of two ways. Unbelief doesn’t make you a bad person or a bad Christian but we have to be mindful of it. Behaviour is influenced by our beliefs, so realistically that means that unbelief will have an impact on us in some way.

Unbelief might lead us away from God. How might we react in the same situation? Really God? I just can’t believe for that. We begin to doubt Him, we begin to drift a little, then before we even realise, that moment of unbelief has drawn us away and we are not walking with God in the way we once did.

Unbelief can bring us back to our knees. Maybe we recognise that we can’t solve everything and that the best place to find ourselves is on our knees before God, crying out in a moment of honesty, and ultimately of trust. Maybe there is someone who will challenge our response and keep us on our walk with God. Either way, whether we can believe it or not, God will and that’s the most important truth to grab hold of.

Wherever you are when it comes to waiting on God for some miracles, choose to fall on your knees. Don’t allow the seemingly impossibility of them draw you away from God but instead towards Him. After, God knows what He is doing and nothing is impossible for Him.

The things which are impossible with men are possible with God [Luke 18:27]

Admit The Mistake

Then Sarai, Abram’s wife, took Hagar her maid, the Egyptian, and gave her to her husband Abram to be his wife, after Abram had dwelt ten years in the land of Canaan [Genesis 16:3]

The promise for the future had been told. Abram had heard it, received it and believed it. Yet nothing seemed to be happening. There was no evidence that the future God had spoken of was actually going to come about. 

What we would do in this situation? We become anxious, nervy, impatient, worried, maybe a little bit frustrated. We wave our fist at God and ask Him what He is up to. Maybe we get an answer, maybe we don’t. Worst case scenario, we give up on God altogether and walk away before any answer has had an opportunity to appear.

We are one step away from greatness. When we walk with Jesus into our future we are possibly one step away from doing incredible things for Him. However, we are just as easily one step away from an act of stupidity. One step from making ourselves invisible for God.

Abram and Sarai had the promise for the future but that doesn’t make it easy. Waiting for what you know is right can be tough. Here are 5 things that I think we can learn from their experience so we don’t act the same way…

TRUST GOD COMPLETELY. If God has said He will do it, then we need to be able to trust completely that He will. This means trusting Him even when the timescale doesn’t match our own or when things look different to how we imagined.

COURAGEOUSLY TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME. Faith takes courage. Walk into the future one step at a time. Remember that the steps of a good man (or woman) are ordered by the Lord. Hold your ground and don’t compromise the word of God. 

LEARN SOME PATIENCE. In our ’now’ culture we are not happy to wait, yet God often asks us to. Patience is evidence of God at work in our lives. The Bible tells us that it is part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Patience is not weakness but strength. It’s a part of keeping your faith in God. Don’t be a hurry for the right result to come from God.

DON’T FORCE THE FUTURE. Impatience can lead to mistakes. Impatience can lead to a lack of self control or in this instance with Abram and Sarai, impatience led to them playing their part in making the future happen. Good doesn’t always mean it’s God. When we keep trusting, stay courageous and remain patient, we are less likely to force things to happen.

ADMIT WHEN WE GET IT WRONG. The toughest thing to do sometimes. Let’s be honest though, we will get it wrong. We will try and be God in our lives and make an answer happen. Best thing to do is admit the mistake. There may still be consequences but by getting ourselves out of the way again, we make space for God to bring the answer He had promised in the first place.

Be Occupied By Christ

Over the past week I have been reflecting on the Cross of Christ and the difference it can make to my life. Check them out – they make a great week of devotional thoughts.

Now, on a Monday I need to make my response actually mean something, that my life will be different and make a difference. So here’s the simple challenge for myself every day…be occupied by Christ.

To be occupied means to ‘be busy and active’, ‘to be filled up by’, ‘to engage the mind, energy or attention of’.

There are literally millions of things that can occupy my time, attention, energy, thinking, resources. A whole host of stuff that I can become busy and active about, so much so that I can easily forget that my primary occupation is to be a Christian. The from this position, all that I am involved in is influenced by that.

Christ must occupy my thinking.

Christ must occupy my attitude.

Christ must occupy my future.

Christ must occupy my energy.

Now that can seem a little simple, some may even say naive. Questions may come to mind ~ What about what I want? What about what I think? What about the things that are important to me? All good and valid but surely, just by asking these questions I am in danger of displaying an unwillingness to be occupied by Christ and instead to be occupied by self.

Whatever giant I am facing, whatever thoughts may be racing through my mind, whatever opinion I may have about something, however fearful or unsure I may be about the future, whether I feel everything is great or I am hard done too, I have to remember the cross. I have to remember all that Jesus accomplished for me and allow that to become my life.

Jesus became weak so we could become strong in Him.

Jesus became poor so we could become rich in Him.

Jesus became empty so we could become full of Him.

To be occupied by Christ is to remain humble enough to know that without Him I cannot succeed.

To be occupied by Christ is to remain humble enough to know that His best for my life is better than what I think is best for my life.

I want this to be my response to the cross of Jesus Christ for rest of my life. It can seem a tough call but I recognise the benefits make it worth the challenge. I need Gods unmerited favour over ALL my life, so I am going to get my ‘self’ out of the way, stay as humble as I can and depend wholly on Him for my success.

How about you?

The Wider View

And he brought him outside and said, “Look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able to number them.” Then he said to him, “So shall your offspring be.” [Genesis 15:5]

Dear, dear Corinthians, I can’t tell you how much I long for you to enter this wide-open, spacious life. [2 Corinthians 6:11 Message]

For many, when they first find Jesus and become a Christian, amazing things happen. Life changes in dramatic ways. Maybe that is your story. Remember ~ you discovered a new sense of purpose for life, found freedom in God and began to live life according to the truth of God’s word. It was like a whole new world. Some have described that feeling of liberty like seeing in full, high definition colour. The lights have well and truly been switched on.

So how’s the journey now? Why is it for some of us as we read this, that life-changing moment just doesn’t seem to have the same effect anymore. The fizz has definitely gone and our walk with God is just a little flat.

  • Why did we begin to ‘settle?’
  • When did we let ourselves ‘make do?’
  • What caused us to stop believing in the bigness of God?
  • Where did our child-like wonder of all that God can do vanish to?
  • When did we start to fence ourselves in, bring the lines in on what was possible in our lives, and make the boundaries smaller?

A narrow view of life may be easier to handle but it’s not the life that Jesus wants us to have. The wider view that God has called us to, a bigger view of life, one that only God can bring about is the one He won for us at the cross.

Here’s what I think we often forget about the wider view God wants us to embrace…

God’s imagination for what our life can be is way bigger than ours. Think about, God told Abraham he would have descendants that were numbered like the stars. Too many to count. That is impossible in the natural.  A little scary and overwhelming to most people. what if God shows you something like that, something too big to handle. A God-given view of your life is always bigger than the one you can imagine for yourself.

God wouldn’t show us the view if he wasn’t going to help us to handle it. God is in this with Abraham. It’s God’s vision for Abraham which makes it God’s responsibility to make it happen.

A wider view is only possible by stepping outside of what we know now, a narrow view. Abraham was made to separate himself from certain constraints. Being inside the tent narrowed is view. he could have looked upward but would have only caught a glimpse of what God was wanting to show him. Sometimes we have to move away from the things that limit what we see.

The wider view is built by faith. Abraham had to see it, catch it in his heart and then take a hold of it by faith. If Abraham hadn’t exercised his faith to trust that God could accomplish it, then maybe it wouldn’t have happened. To take God at His word always involves faith.

Let this be our attitude as we walk with God, embracing the bigness of all that He has for us now and in the future. It will take faith and a confident trust in God’s ability to accomplish it.

Embrace the Future

Love hearing from my very own Lead Pastor John Greenow. Here are the key thoughts from his message about embracing the future

  • The future is always being talked about
  • As believers we need to redeem the future
  • Isaiah 43:11-13 ‘I have declared the future’
  • Declare = to bring forward
  • We need to align ourselves with what God is thinking/saying
  • faith & future are connected
  • We can reach in to the future and influence the future by the words that we speak
  • Hebrews 11: Jacob blessed Joseph’s sons with Gods blessing, not his own. He spoke over them
  • Worship, blessing, declaration, it’s a choice to bless God and others. By these things we reach into the future.
  • Sometimes we want a way out while God wants to make a way through it. God is constructing and building a way for us while we sit.
  • Claim our inheritance from the previous generation
  • Psalm 16:5-6 – heritage/inheritance, he passing down of something from a previous generation. We all have a spiritual heritage
  • The boundaries for me have fallen in pleasant places. Key to connected with the future v7 bless the Lord/kneel before Him/worship Him
  • Colossians 1:5 – The lines of purpose never grow slack – kept tied & tight to your future by hope