‘I AM’

God said to Moses, “ I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘ I AM has sent me to you.’ ” [Exodus 3:14 NIV]

When you walk with God something incredible happens. We are privileged that He chooses to reveal Himself in new ways and we learn more about Him. Moses was only in the beginning of a relationship with God when He shared the intimate term ‘I AM’ to describe who He was.

Our personal encounters with God will strengthen us as we walk with Him. God whispers to our heart, truths about who He is, about His character, His perfect words for our imperfect circumstances.

God comforts us when we stumble. God protects us when we require it. God is bigger than we give Him credit for. God is not something or someone that can be contained. Even time cannot control Him. Whenever, wherever, He will always be ‘I AM’.

I AM your provider
I AM your protector
I AM your peace
I AM your all sufficient one
I AM your healer
I AM almighty God
I AM always there
I AM more than able
I AM your strength
I AM your safe place
I AM your Saviour

Jesus said the truth would set us free. When we walk with God, we continuously discover more about Him. The key is that we have to learn to walk in these truths so we enjoy the freedom such truths bring.

I Only Have Jesus

Peter and John went to pray [Acts 3].

As they went they passed a man by the gate who was asking for money. The reply that came was a simple one, ‘I only have Jesus’. That was enough.

Sometimes the simplest truths are the most powerful truths.

Sometimes the simplest truths are the most easily forgotten truths.

Whatever I am going through, whatever situation I am handling, whatever breakthrough I desire to see, I must remember to hold on to the truth that although other things can help, the one thing I need to know above all else is this

‘I have Jesus’. And that is MORE than enough. Don’t forget it.