Walk With God: 7 Words to Help You Discover True Rest

Rest is not about doing nothing.

When the Israelites were instructed by God to take a Sabbath year for the land every seven years, it didn’t mean a year off, becoming lazy and just sitting with their feet up.

They were aligning themselves with a God-created rhythm which would bring blessing into their lives. As they rested the soil it would gain strength and ensure its future fruitfulness. In the meantime they would continue to build their home, look after their flocks, care for each other and take some intentional time to draw close to God.

For us then to rest has to work the same way. It is a rhythm of grace we are invited to walk and work with Jesus. It is a true rest which brings blessing to our lives.

As we rest our souls we gain strength and ensure our future fruitfulness.

As I withdraw from the day to draw close to God I have found these words helpful.

PAUSE: We can be so busy doing that the hardest thing to do to withdraw is to actually stop and make time just to be with God. We have to remember that however driven we may our true identity is never found in what we have accomplished but found only in knowing whose we are.

THINK: Meditate on God, thank Him for the journey so far. Like the Israelites were being reminded about their past, we were once slaves to sin but now we have been set free. Think about all the good things God has done for and thank Him for them all.

REFLECT: Take a scripture, read your word, worship and reflect on what God is doing  and saying right now in your life. Don’t over think it but all the Word of God to speak to you.

LISTEN: This goes with the reflect. Having tuned out the noise and removed the distractions, we will be better able to hear what God is saying. We can be very quick to bring all our requests to God, yet make no time simply to listen and hear His voice.

CAPTURE: When you hear something, feel something, see something, then capture it. I use a notebook on my phone and the Evernote app for noting down particular scriptures and thoughts that go with them.

RESPOND: We have to be willing to be obedient to what God is saying to us. Through obedience is where the blessing comes. That was key for the Israelites and the rhythm of the Sabbath. In keeping it, God would bless them, prosper them and provide for them.

TRUST: Ultimately, acting on the word of God requires faith, which is simply us choosing to trust God is more than able to do what He has said He will do. Having paused, taken time to think on God, reflect on all He has done in our lives so far, listened to His voice, captured what He is saying and then responded, trusting Him should begin to come much more easily.

What do you think? How might this help you when taking time to truly rest with God?

Influence 2017: Session 5

The final session of the day with Dr Robi: Conquering the Giant…

We may say to ourselves ‘Someone should do something about that?’ Maybe that someone is you. 

We are the right people, positioned in the right place, to do the right thing. 

Step 1: Preparation: this about positioning rather than training, positioning by the Holy Spirit [James 1:2-4]

Step 2: Peseverance: not about endurance but rather about faithfulness and continuing to be faithful. For example, keeping on ‘loving’ someone even when it’s mundane. 

One step at a time, which is pretty boring really. It’s about being the same person in private and in public. 

Step 3: Prevail: just as you’ve conquered the giant, get ready, there will be another one.  

To prevail is to become more than a conqueror, whatever comes your way. 

Remember that Gods way is not to take us out of a situation but instead He will help us to get through it. 


Been an amazing day but as always I am encouraged, inspired and challenged, ready for what God has in store for me next. 

Influence 2017: Session 4

This session from Dr Robi was without exaggerating, phenomenal. 

Sharing about what forgiveness is and what it isn’t. 

It is making a CHOICE: we like to hold on to our pain, that it feels good to be bad. But we must choose to let it go. 

It requires a SACRIFICE on our part. 

It’s TRUSTING God to take care of the justice to avenge, that He knows what He is doing. 

It’s a GIFT given even if undeserved: only when you give it as a gift do you understand that the gift is for you. 

It is NOT an EXCUSE for what people did to you, for their behaviour. 

It doesn’t mean we have to BEFRIEND them. 

It doesn’t mean we have to continue to be ABUSED by the perpetrator. 

It doesn’t require us to FORGET what is being forgiven: instead the memory can be a great hallmark of forgiveness and be part of our story. 



Influence 2017: Session 3

Great session ith Pastor John Greenow from my own church, Xcel taking about roots and being established by them…

God wants us to be realigned because we have an assignment. God wants to relocate our soul in preparation for the next season. 

That we would be rooted and established

It’s from the root that the fruit will ultimately grow. Our roots really matter (Hebrews 12:15)

Hold on to the grace so we don’t become bitter. If worries about the fruit then go back to the source, to the roots.

God has deposited in us, rooted in us – gifts, righteous frustrations, things we are to use. 

Do not dismiss them because they don’t look like much or not glamourous enough

Love the deposit God has made is us. Not comparing ourselves with others. To be happy with your calling. Think of the difference that could make. 

What one word would you use to describe yourself? After all, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. 

Pull away from the dirt of discouragement or from the soil of failure. 

Get our gifts out of unemployment and use them. Grace is the humility which provides the opportunity to use our gifts. 

By faith we use them because the way we use them is important. Use them by love. That is the filter. 

Strengthen your roots. Protect your roots. Stay under grace. Don’t downgrade, deny or drift from your roots. There is fruit coming. 

Influence 2017: Session 2

Here are the notes from this session with Dr Robi:

God loves it when we push the envelope and make things happen. 

So what do you believe is possible? What does God believe is possible?

God wants us to take off in flight. We try and try again and that’s exhausting. 

3 things which stop us from taking off:

FEAR – of actually flying

FORGIVENESS – you can’t take off until you have dealt with your baggage

FAITH – all things are possible but first we must believe in God

Our ‘flight control’ is working at keeping us all safe. There is dialogue between captain and air traffic controller for airway clearance in preparation for flight. 

God wants us to fly. And we are free to fly. 


Challenged to take off now. 

Influence 2017: Session 1

So the first session last night was just a phenomenal start to Conference. 
An incredible opener declaring God as Sovereign, which led to a beautiful time of worship and the Dr Robi speaking. And what a message. 

From Tragedy to Triumph, helping people truly come out the other side of trauma stronger. 

Hope. In something with substance. 

Faith. That substance is having a faith in God who actually cares. 

Thankfulness. Look for 5 things every day to say thank you for. 

Kindness. Doing good things for people consistently. 

Courage. To do whatever you know needs to be done. 

And above all – why not give God a try. 

Just Love Sundays

Enough said really. 

I love my church. Love the people. Love the fun. Love the good chaos. Love the worship. Love the expectancy to see God move. Love the stories of transformation. Love the challenge of the messages. 

We are church. 

We will be an active part of the church. 

We will be a unifying presence in the church. 

We will not make church about ourselves. 

Such a great day. Plus we got to commission our amazing Immy as he flys to Bangalore this week and begins the next step on this adventure called Xcel Bangalore. 

I just love Sundays. Let’s do it all again next week. 

What Does a Big Future Take?

We are ready for all that God has for our future both as a family and as a church. I’m believing it’s a BIG future. So excited for the Xcel 2020 vision and privileged that I get to be involved in making it happen. 

5 things (in my opinion) that’s it’s going to take from me…

It’s going to take some daring faith. I might just have to make a sacrifice or two, with my time, with my talent and with my treasure 

It’s going to take collaboration. Me playing my part alongside everyone else. 

It’s going take some prayer. Can never pray too much. 

It’s going to take plenty of hard work. Got to just be doing something towards it. 

It’s going to take staying in church. Planted in the House we flourish. Sometimes to see a vision fulfilled you just have to stay put long enough. 

I just love being a part of building local church and happy to do whatever it takes. How about you?